Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Favorites

'Mella Pesungal' was the first film for (Late) Vasanth and Banupriya.

I didn't watch the movie but I loved the songs from that movie, especially this one:

Deepan Chakravarthy who became famous after 'Poonkadhavae' from Nizhalgal has sung this song with Uma Ramanan.

The movie was directed by Bharathivasu ( SanthanaBharathy and P Vasu - who did a couple of films together ).

One of Ilayaraja's several masterpieces.

I am not sure why Deepan just faded away. I love his voice. Even these days I see him on TV his voice is good.


Anonymous said...

There is a koffee with anu episode in you tube with deepan chakravarthy that you might be interested in watching. He explains a bit about his career and current life and things like that. I remember his 70's/80's songs which were awesome. I was one of his fans.


Anonymous said...

Vasanth died recently