Wednesday, May 27, 2009


During my younger days, we had wonderful magazines in India. I must say those were the golden days of Indian journalism.

I remember the very first issue of 'SUNDAY', 'SPORTSWORLD' and 'THE WEEK'. I used to wait every week to buy SUNDAY. Amazing articles, great photography and very interesting. SPORTSWORLD was edited by M.A.K.Pataudi. I loved the photos in SPORTWORLD. Looks like, THE WEEK is the only magazine that is still alive !

However, I have to admit that my favorites were ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY OF INDIA and THE BLITZ.

ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY OF INDIA - Khushwant Singh was the editor. Size was kinda 11 X 14. I always liked Khushwant Singh's writing ( Memories of 'Train to Pakistan' are still fresh ). His editorials used to be amazing. Sports and news coverage was outstanding !

BLITZ - Editor was
R.K. Karanjia. It was also a 11 X 14 in a newspaper format. Had a lot of gossip, scoops besides some good editorials, articles. Lots of fun to read. Mr.Karanjia is long gone..but memories of his BLITZ are still fresh.

I wish I could have a copy each of the Illustrated Weekly, The Blitz , Sunday. I'd cherish them !!

If you find a copy of these magazines, can you please buy them for me? I'll be very thankful !

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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Weekly was my fav too. Who can forget Khuswant Singh.

The Week was my next fav. I have old copy in my library.. it did a cover story on MGR and was written by Cho.