Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jayalalitha - stinks !

Jayalalitha - Talking thru the rear end !!

Watched her stupid POLL Talk today. What a shame.

She says, 'Didn't Indira Gandhi send troops to East Pakistan, to liberate Bangladesh ? I'll make sure the Indian Govt sends troops to Sri Lanka to win Eelam ".

What's next Miss.JJ, how about a Tamil state in the USA, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore? Any promises?

As long as there are people who fall for these stupid poll promises, there will be people who use the rear ends to talk !!

Unfortunately there is a long distance between the two ends !


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, Care to address the plight of poor people stuck between the army and LTTE. What answer do you have for them ? Or do you want to blame them too ?

Anger is fine to an extent - but lately your post have a high level of hatred towards everything. These kind of anger are the reason why hate crimes come into place.

I am not supporting Jayalalitha, we all know what her motives are - we all know what karunanidhi's motives were when he went on fast.

You can address them as stupidity but such hatred makes no sense.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I feel sad for the people, I don't have words to express it !! It's pathetic.

But I don't support any politician who talks nonsense just to get votes !

Addressing this as STUPIDITY is not HATRED my friend. Sorry ! HATRED is a very powerful word..I don't want to use it !!

Anonymous said...

It is the way Stupidity is potrayed in your blog. Look at the last few posts and check the comment section you will understand what i am saying

Anonymous said...

go on mr.narayan! you reflect the sentiments of good crores of tamils!

Please take care your health also!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Narayanan,

Do you even know the history of Eelam? Or the creation of the state of Srilanka?

Why shouldn't the Tamils go back to their previous sovereign state, which had existed since 500BC? Why should Srilanka, a state made by colonialism, be recognized by the Tamils, after 61 years of being a failed state?

What does that have to do with the countries that Tamils have migrated to in recent times?

Unfortunately, there is a long distance between emotion and reason.