Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I don't understand why elections go on for a month or so in India.

Aren't there chances of rigging? What about the bias that would occur based on exit polls from regions that had the elections earlier.

Does anyone know why ? I find it very funny. Why should it be this way?

I was listening to NPR this evening where they way talking about Mayavathi and the chances of a Dalit becoming the Prime Minister of India.

I have a gut feeling it can happen. Who would have dreamt that a black man would be the President of United States. President Obama created ( a well deserved ) history.

Now let's see if it happens in India.
Mayawati Kumari is the chief minister of one of India's largest and poorest states. She's also the richest woman in India and one of the best known. Now there's talk about her possibly becoming the country's next prime minister.

My 2 cents: It doesn't matter who comes to power ! Let democracy rule !