Saturday, April 18, 2009

Barnes & Noble - ARMIK

I enjoy visiting the local Barnes & Noble store. Every now and then, when I feel like relaxing and reading something, I visit B&N.

I am not sure how they make money, but I see a lot of people just reading magazines and books sitting in the comfort of A/C and sofas, sipping lattes. Sometimes, I feel very guilty to just go there and read without buying anything.

I am sure, it is the same in all the bookstores across the US and maybe even other countries.

Considering the economy and the wave of store closures, I hope and pray that B&N stays alive.

B&N introduced me today to a great musician 'ARMIK' who is an amazing guitarist. As I listened to his music at B&N today, I was tempted to buy his latest album 'Serenata' and I have to tell you it's wonderful. So relaxing !

If you get a chance, please listen to ARMIK. You'll be happy you did.

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