Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shame on you - Congress Party of India

This is the same guy who brought a lot of shame to Indian cricket a few years back. The 47-year-old cricketer , Mohd. Azharuddin was banned for life from Indian cricket after match fixing allegations in 2000.

I agree, he hasn't been convicted yet but I am also aware of the 'Law of the land' that prevails in my homeland ( especially for the rich and powerful ).

There is this curious case of a famous cricketer by name 'Navjot Sidhu', who managed to get out after (alleged) getting involved in a murder. FYI - This guy is also in Lok Sabha now !

People from the subcontinent will be aware of several members sitting in the State Assemblies and in New Delhi, who possibly have criminal connections. It's a known fact that they can't be convicted thanks to the power and money !

I am even more ashamed today, that Mohd. Azharuddin is contesting in Lok Sabha Polls under a Congress ticket.

Shame on you Ms.Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party for playing the Glamor card again, using a cricketer who brought shame to India and Indian Cricket not long ago.

PS - Why isn't there an outcome in this case ? Can't the courts say 'Yes' or 'No'? Isn't this a very important case in a country that is so obsessed with cricket?


Narayanan Venkitu said...

BTW - I was a fan of Azhar...but just for his cricket !!

Ottayan said...

I am not defending Azhar, but in his case I assume he was the fall guy.