Saturday, February 28, 2009

நெஞ்சு நிறைந்தது இன்று !


rasu said...

With Tax payers money 2 kids are getting the houses.

Report says the movie has got more than 40c in india. Why they didnt give house with that money?

How about other kids in slums ?
They also has to act in movie is it ?

Hope that movie should get oscar.

Raaj said...

How short sighted and naive !! And the blog title adds to it. I dont think these kids or their parents planned and worked their way to make it big in movies. Instead of a house, if the authorities had arranged for them to plan a career, a blog post with such a title, sitting in CA makes some sense. With a flat and no means for income, dont be surprised they sell it and go back to their roots.

And if the film had bombed, nobody's nenju will care for them. Get real !!

Anonymous said...

Raaj -

Imagine this scenario. Not a personal attack on you though...just an example:

Let's say you are an idiot and somehow managed to get into IT thanks to the outsourcing Boom after paying for your Degree in XYZ College of Engg..which doesn't even have labs!!

Your company makes a profit and you also get the BONUS.BONUS...!! RIGHT ( Forget your salary )!

Let the same happen to these kids !! Share the bonanza the film is making ! I don't care what the parents do with it..or whether they go back to the slums.

Hope you understand. Also remember this...The Indian cricket team wins a World cup and all the Tom Dick and Harry in the team get lands from Govt or big prize money right??

Raaj said...

Anon, nice explanation. Makes sense too. But think about this too, because, you are smart and have thought so much.

I, being an idiot, has managed to pass out of useless school, college eduction and also clear stupid recruitment procedures in an IT company (believe u love reading all these cynical statements). I have put in considerable time and effort to come through all this and also my employer somehow thinks I contributed some value, so he give me some bonus. No 'neranja manasukkaran' recommends a bonus for me. It happens in every company, nobody knows how much a private company makes and how much bonus I got. Same is the case with SDM crew. The producer takes the big risk and awards people based on their perceived value. Am not taking anything out of the kids, they worked for a few months with SDM and got a chance to make a huge difference to their lives. The producer says they have been compensated and they were taken to LA and on the Oscar red carpets.

Are you saying that the producer should give a share of the revenue the film is making ? I think even ARR or Danny Boyle wont be getting a share !!

Oh smart, Anon. You gave me that example. Now tell me which IT company gives a flat for me and my family to live as bonus and sends me to academy awards ceremony. I am willing to stick a placard 'Idiot' on my forehead in that case. Please let me know.

And to be serious, dont ever compare cricketers or other sportsmen here. Rise up the ranks, get into the team and say 'I dont want this'. Do you have any idea what it takes to make it to the national team, give sustained performance and importantly to 'win' a world cup.

IMO, its fashionable to talk about this but remember, there is no free lunch for anybody. I believe these kids will use this opportunity and make it big in movies or atleast make a better living and not pick anything from cynics and keep complaining about the past.