Sunday, August 10, 2008

What goes around...!

I wrote a few months back about IR's and ARR's songs that were lifts aka inspired by other songs/tunes from the WEST/EAST !! Actually I was shocked to hear some songs of IR which I had never imagined would have been copied.

Anyways...I saw this on YOU TUBE today. Have a look at ARR's tunes inspiring other artists all over the world !!

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Balaji S Rajan said...

Nice to know this. In our younger days we do knew that 'Darling..Darling' from Priya was a western tune. I do not differ here. But at the same time, we should admit certain times, it is natural to hit upon the same idea. It is possible. For example, I have thought about many things personally and when I see it as a joke or in some screeplay, I really used to wonder how someone else could also think in the same line. Interludes sounding same may be excused. But... the entire tune really makes us to doubt. Anyhow, this AR's inspiration is great. Some of my colleagues (westerners) have some AR's tune as their ring tone on their mobile since they found that they were very catchy.