Sunday, August 10, 2008

Airtel Super Singer - Sunitha Sarathy

Image courtesy : Star Vijay TV

I am a big fan of Airtel Super Singer that airs on Star Vijay. The current edition is No.3 and there is quite a bit of participation.

Good to see so many aspiring singers both young and old participating in the competition.

Good for music ...good for the audience.

This post is about the judge in the recent rounds Ms. Sunitha Sarathy.

I was watching an episode last week where he was yapping-off arrogantly at the singers. The peak was her questioning two girls and asking them if she looked funny etc.

The already scared young girls where visibly shocked, but later Sunitha took a U-turn and said ' I am joking...I am selecting you both' and that brought a smile from the shocked young girls and also me !

Sunitha can be a celebrity etc. but I don't think this kind of drama is essential for the program to be successful. The last two versions of Super Singers never had such acts. Why now?

Maybe Sunitha is trying to copy American Idol's arrogant Simon ..I am not sure. I would rather Sunitha be polite which would go well with the participants.

Check this link out
Musings on Airtel Super Singer and let me know if I am wrong.


Jo said...

Have you seen music director Sharath commenting in Idea Star Singer? I bet you would say Sunitha is far far better than him. I love his songs, but after I saw him in this, I can't stand him anymore. No person on earth can be that cruel towards such young fellows.

chandru said...

hi wat she did is for fun......she gave lots of chances to other singers......she did her best....there's nothing wrong in it....

Anonymous said...

Hello i think youre reading into it with a very wrong notion in your head.It was a prank that obviously the show included for the fun element of it.I remember this episode and it was actually very sweet to see Ms.Sarathi pull the girls legs.Ms.Sarathis judging was very animated and i think she was by far the best judge on this show.Comparisons to simon are very unfair.He never jokes he is mean.Ms.Sarathi was far from mean.And the only similarity between them is probably the accuracy in judging and the true knowledge of music.

Usha Sudharsan said...

Yeah, that was shocking initially but later she selected both the girls. I guess, one girl among those is still in final competitive round.

I had a look at the blog. It has good collection of Airtel Super singer videos. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am the sister of a participant on Airtel singer.Frankly before this show i have not seen miss sunitha sarathy but knew her to be a fabulous voice.I had the opputunity to be with my sister on selection day and on the second round day.Sunitha was a very polite person.She was an inspiration to the participants.She fought for the singers and took in more singers than the requirement(we heard her argue for the contestants).See these are things that people dont get to know.On the second phase the participants were waiting without nourishment.She offered snacks to us.And she gave valuable tips both on and off screen.Can you belive that a singer would actually give others such valuable tips.We all know that what you re talking about on your blog is a misjudgement on your part sir.Please remember these reality shows need the element of shock value and drama.All she did was pull a prank on the participants.She played pranks on many people.Nervous singers got water, got relaxing conversations thanks to ms sarathy.So please dont say negative about her when none of it is true.Ms Sarath and Mr Chakravarthy are the saving graces for airtel super singer 2008.

Anonymous said...

One more comment.
She would give chances for people to sing sometimes even 5-7 songs.She was very patient and extremely good in telling the mistakes.God bless her.And it was sad that vijay tv played only a small part of her song on tv.She has a wonderful talent.

Sridar,Oh said...

I think you have lost your sense of humor.Neither was ms.sarathy rude nor arrogant.Have you heard about TRP ratings?Such masala/drama/episodes make these shows hits.She was absolutely funny in that episode.
And Simon on American Idol may be annoying with his stoic british mannerisms but he is not sugarcoated and is perfect with judgements.History also shows that the artists he chooses do incredibly well.Grow up man your in calif for petes sake.

Anonymous said...

I see this is a old post.But to call sunitha Mam as Simon is a compliment.Simon is one man who does not waste time on television giving rotten comments in a sugar coated way.It must be boring and tiresome giving the same comments again and again - you sang so well ma ,but your voice needs improvement,your sruthi was bad- then how can that voice be good?As a music teacher i see kids who have no singing sense making it big today.they have no thalam,Sruthi or any musical gifts.For all that sunitha mam is by far the best judge i have seen.She perfectly points out mistakes.In one episode she asked a former student of my guru to change the sruthi of a song and the result was excellent , there are so many instances like this, she is an excellent mentor for kids who are carried away without knowing their capabilities.
So please do not write bad reviews like this sir.You have no knowledge of knowing what these shows are about,most of it is doctored the poor woman must be acting what was told to her.

Anonymous said...

hey guys just chill i dont know about sunitha's comment nor am i going to argue if she was polite or rude ..its a bout time people especially the judges get the nerve to say the truth if someone sang like hell please do a favor and tell them its so so psuedo all our judges who are so so false with their over ratings and comments

Anonymous said...

Sunita has childish mentality & is the most immatured one..For reference watcha Super singer7 Episode 4. Very selfish women is sunita & she praises judges hoping for good score..foolish lady got a bounce back from foolish lady grow up cheap lady learn manners from kousalya.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous - you are talking about some other Sunitha .
This thread is about Sunitha Sarathy. LoL.
And just to inform you why so angry ma?You are not participant.I think these are also human and can give comment,especially truth.