Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SF Chronicle - Printed on recycled paper

It was a shock for me the first time I saw the Sunday Newspapers here in the US. So many pages, so many coupons, sale information....amazing I thought.

Later I realized and felt sad that a lot of trees go down just to take care of the Sunday edition of New York Times !! Add up all the newspapers across America and quickly we'll know that it takes a lot of trees.

So, I thought I'd go green and stop buying paper magazines/ newspapers. Internet came handy. I was reading the newspapers online. I subscribed to magazines via ZINIO...and came out of the guilt.

Then, last week to my surprise I found out that San Francisco Chronicle was printed on recycled paper !! ( It says so on the top of front page). I was thrilled.

So these days, I pay 25 cents everyday at the local BART station and buy the Chronicle.

Thanks SF.Chronicle for being kind to mother nature.

I am not sure if newspapers in your area are printed on recycled paper. If they are, please post the name of the newspaper in the comment section.


NePo said...

I used to think of the trees whenever a american friend takes out 4 paper towels to wipe of the hand, won't just one paper do? using hand kerchief is much better.

baba said...

What about toilet tissues ?
Also, the laundry..Why pay a $ for drying when sunshine is abundant in CA year around, and atleast during summer months.

people talk of alternative energy production,but doesnot uses when naturally available in abundance.

So,much for energy conservation...