Friday, August 08, 2008

அமெரிக்க ஜனநாயகம்

Photo courtesy: ibabuzz

நம்மூரில் ஊரறிய பல சின்ன வீடுகள் - பத்திரிகையில் எழுதினால் அடி ஒதை, ஜனநாயக நாடு !

இங்க பாத்தீங்களா - பத்திரிகைகள் அடிக்கும் ஆப்பை !!

இது தானப்பா ஜனநாயகம் !!

இது தானப்பா பேச்சுரிமை !!

இது தானப்பா பத்திரிகை சுதந்திரம் !!

( நிற்க - தாத்தா அடித்த கூத்தை வலைஉலகில் எழுதிய நண்பருக்கு என்ன ஆனது என்பது பழைய கதை )


Anonymous said...

links don't work. BTW I'm just getting tired of your american eulogizing and calling US govt. as our govt. Realize that you are not an american citizen. I know you wish you could be one this very moment.

Mahesh Ramamurthy said...

Think this has a lot to do with the way we are brought up.

It is typical for children to be told to condone misdeeds of elders and not raise voice because they are 'periyavanga' even if they directly suffer.

This 'periyavanga' treatment also gets extended to people who are higher up in society, richer , basically anyone whose favors might be needed.

Naturally, we not only lose voice but also think it is wrong for people to raise voice against us once we become 'periyavanga'.

Just my observation.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

anan - How does it matter to you if I am an Am. Citizen or not ?

Hope you read this post well enough. I said 'namma oorla'!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Mahesh - Elders !! Yeah...but elders should lead the way in being open ! They should not restrict the freedom of the press..when it comes to all these matters!! IMHO.