Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saudi and Gas prices !

Photo courtesy: Saudi sucks

4.00$ plus a gallon. This has done a few changes to the attidude of many here. I see a lot of people taking public transit. In fact I am one of them too. I take the bus and the train these days to work. It's an amazing sight here to see buses and trains full..but that's the reality.

So, among all the bad things for the economy...this is one good thing ....possibly for the earth too...I mean the 4.00$ plus a gallon gas!

Sorry for being an 'AL GORE' here.

This post is really about the Oil rich countries, especially the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. I know how life is, in Saudi. It's sad that US lets the Saudi royal family thrive even though our Govt. talks about democracy and freedom for the world.

Having lived in Saudi for a few months, I can tell you that there is absolutely no freedom. It's all in the hands of the Mullahs who are the ruthless religious police under control of Saudi.

Now, what will happen to Saudi if the world finds 'Alternate Energy'. It will be shocking but I think the citizens of Saudi Arabia ( the kings and their 1000 wives and families have enough money to live another 1 mil. years ) will have to beg.

The world knows about the education system in Saudi. Colleges / Schools ! It's a shame.

It's all going to happen. In my opinion only the countries that have a decent trading economy like say UAE will be able to thrive. Others...I think will end up begging !

Will it happen soon ?

I think it will, in another 50 years.

'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'.


Jo said...

America's definition of freedom is quite funny.

Ravi said...

I know this is sick thing but I wish that such a situation (of begging) befalls on US - for the magnitude of resources it wastes! Plus for the kind of atrocities it commits and has committed thus far on other countries.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Jo - You are right...!! Things will change if Obama comes to power..we all hope

Ravi - Good Luck with your wishes
and thanks for your thoughts as well. We don't know the future has in store for us!!

Karthik said...

when u say "Our Govt." do you mean GOI of GOUS? I thought you are still waiting for your GC...

If you are citizen of US then its fine if not you should probably be ashamed of your attitude of treating US Govt. as your Govt.

I am finding this funny as well as a sad reflection of times. The guy gets a visa after waiting for hours together and the moment he lands in US, that's his govt.