Saturday, May 31, 2008

US Economy - Recession ?

Photo courtesy: The Web

US Economy is slowing down...US is probably heading to a recession. We've all heard it loud and clear.

Prices of almost everything has gone up. Gas price is around 4.15$ per gallon here in the Bay area.

The stimulus checks have arrived. So, will this help the US economy ?

Looked like that today! I went to a couple of Bay area stores and just could not get out...the lines were long and the parking lots were all full.

Not sure what it means, but thanks to the crowds, I saved my stimulus check money and came back home tired.

PS - What am I planning to do with my stimulus check ? Hmm...I am eyeing the SB-600 FLASH and a 18-200 VR Nikon Lens for my D50.

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Ganesh said...

Seriously you should consider putting it in your 401k or money market account. Or short term CDs.