Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sivaji - The Boss - on DVD

Finally, bought the 3 DVD pack of 'Sivaji - The Boss' this evening at Raaga in Sunnyvale. I usually buy AYNGARAN DVDs for their quality. As I expected the quality of this DVD is also superb. Cost of the DVD - 24 USD.

I am happy, I didn't pay the 15$ tickets that they charged at the theaters here. Now, I can watch whenever I want and whatever I want....heck I can even watch the 'Making of Sivaji' and the '175 day celebrations' that came as bonuses for 24 USD.

About the movie now:

I enjoyed it ! Worth a watch once. KV Anand's cinematography is superb. Sujatha's dialogues ( He had a fascination for the tamil word 'Ahppu' ) were very good. Songs were very well done by ARR. Vivek made me laugh along with Rajini. Shankar was good in pieces. Felt sad about Raghuvaran and Sujatha !

I will never pay 15$ to watch a movie in theaters, no matter what.

C O O L - C O O L - C O O L


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Anonymous said...

sorry dude...I used to have the same opinion about paying high $$ for seeing a movie in a theatre...but all that changed when I saw a movie recently in theatre on the release day..

there is a thrill in it....there is commotion in it....and sometimes you need that commotion, you need that typical theatre behaviour...

now, I wont go for a "Vaachaan pochaan" movie...but for a movie like "Dasavathaaram" or a rajini movie, I would definitely do it

paran said...

Narayanan, I should say that you made a good decision. When Sivaji got released I was very reluctant to pay $15 for a ticket. but people whom I watched the movie with wouldn't budge and I gave in. know what, the distributors really skinned us. they picked the worst of all theaters in the bay area. the theater was actually retired from screening movies a long time back and is now being used for some select weekday comedy shows. an important aspect of the "theater experience" is the sound effect. we couldn't even hear a thing properly, let alone the special effects. a free download would have been loads better.

glad to know that you didn't fall for it.