Saturday, April 19, 2008

8% Economy - Beneficiaries

Photo courtesy: The Hindu
The city is eight years behind in complying with the Municipal Solid Waste Rules of 2000, which stipulate segregation and processing of waste. Garbage dumping in the Perungudi - Pallikaranai marshland has also harmed the ecology of the wetland and burning of wastes has polluted the air.


Bharath said...

Sir, I am a regular reader of your blog. Whilst you do not let go an opportunity to highlight the dark side of India, I am tempted to ask what you are doing about it.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Bharath - Thanks for the comment.

Let's forget what I am doing about it now...since I don't live there.
I don't also want to brag about things I do !.

I have a question for you:

Do you mean to say - All those who highlight these issues must do something about it? If not they can't write about it?

Take Music critics - Using your Logic ...they can't criticize unless they can sing ! right?

What do you think 'The Hindu' is soing about it?

Bharath said...

Sir - appreciate your response. My sincere apologies if my post was insulting / sounded as a personal remark, that wasn't the intention.

My humble thoughts:

1) As long as there is originality, I see no problem in highlighting issues. Reproducing someone else's work...hmm...ain't it called plagiarism. I dont' deny the fact that you give due credits, but still, beats me...

2) Anyone can criticize anything. like me in this case :), but would someone care a damn is the question. My barber criticizes RBI's economic policy. My neighbour, an economic professor also does. Who would I lend an ear to?

3) Well, isn't Hindu diligently performing what the fourth estate is supposed to?

Anonymous said...

Hi barath,
I am sure you wouldnt get any reply to this ...rather a worthful reply...and trust me if you indulge a conversation with him you will get questions like "name 25 freedom fighters" etc etc, there are always cribbers who cant dont do anything else ...and they say they critize ...well i dont know if that can anyway help...just reflects there self esteem i guess..always blame everyone and do not feel its their responsibility as much as any one elses...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Bharath / Karthik

Thanks for your comments.

I appreciate it. Good luck to both of you.

Ganesh Venkittu said...

Mr. Bharath/Mr. Karthik -

1) While living in madras, my family including the author wrote a petition to standard motors to stop letting out effluents openly. The people of Perungalathur refused to sign it for fear of job loss....

2) we fought and won a landmark case against Matsushita appliances for "gross negligence to customer service".

3) We fought and won against Amudham departmental store in Tambaram for failing to dispense product even after procuring payment.

4) we live near this place that Narayanan has written about. We have travelled by this place. We care about it.

5) We are not ashamed/afraid to write to anyone about anything. I dont want to publicize but visitors of my blog can allude to the topics that I handle. Latest post -- Eelam. Check part 1 and if the CM of tamilnadu can take it in his stride, will post it to him next day. Or to murasoli....

6) Show me one politician who cares in TN, show me one guy who says " I will solve your problem" and the next day, I can put in 100 petitions.

the point is -- yes, we care a whole damn.....lot more than "Damn"


Anonymous said...

hi ganesh,
Nice to see you are acting on these ...sorry to feel you and Mr Narayanan come from a space of "we have lost hope".... or atleast thats what it looks and some of my friends have been fighting for the last 10 years...some we won...some we are winning...and one thing we seldom do is crib...i see a real lot here...what i see as a attitude problem is not the words "show me one guy who says " I will solve your problem" and the next day, I can put in 100 petitions."
dont you think its easy...may be you can say most people dont do that too...its like saying i got 45 and passed when many fail....

Anyway its entirely our responsibility for having some one as bad as the politician you had mentioned to be elected....

THis is democracy...if we dont have the right people as our leaders ...who is responsible?

My whole point is what are we gona do about it...?
Narayanan Venkittu,
thanks for your wishes...and all the best to you too...