Tuesday, April 08, 2008


How often do you enjoy you car service experience? I did last week...probably for the first time in several years.

Thanks to my cousin Vichu who recommended Piercey Toyota's service, I decided to try them out on Saturday at their new showroom in Milpitas.

I called them and they asked me to come-in. I reached there around noon and I was simply flattered by their service.

As I drove my car into the service ramp, service advisors came like vultures, greeted me, took my keys, took me inside the showroom, gathered details of the service and requested me to wait..all in less than 15 minutes.

The waiting hall was like a hug Mall, wonderfully designed. There were play areas, Big screen TV's, all kinds of ( New ) magazines and newspapers and wonderful sofas to sit and relax.

Coffee, Tea, Expresso etc were free in the coffee machines. Free bottled spring water was a nice to have.

The best was the Internet service. There were 3 workstations with High-speed Internet. It was superb.

When they called me and gave the car back, I felt bad that I had to leave. I felt like getting out of a SPA...not a car dealership.

PS - The service was done well. I liked the car wash which is a perk these days ( atleast in places I've been too ).

PIERCEY TOYOTA leads the way. Hope others follow.


Ganesh said...


Service charge enna ?
I guess must be reasonable :)

guyfromblore said...

Maybe their service department is really good.
But, the sales guys there are super slimy. My wife and I were there about 10 months back when we were in the market for a RAV4. I specifically told them I had my own financing and so only wanted to discuss the price of the car and not my monthly payments.
But what do I see after 15 minutes? Two sales guys coming out with monthly payment numbers. I asked them point blank if they could negotiate and after a lot of hesitation they made me an offer of 400 bucks off the MSRP. I walked out shortly thereafter.