Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ponting & Co. RIP !

Photo courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald

So, the proof is in the Pudding aka 'CB Series Winner'

Congratulations Team India - Under 30. ( 99% ).

What does this prove ? It proves the faith of the Indian selectors. It proves the faith of a common ( often called Aging ) man like me. It proves that young blood is the need of the hour especially in the smaller versions of Cricket.

Finally it proved wrong all those critics, all those who spat at the selectors, when they found that Mr.Wall and Mr.Dadha were dropped from the ODI squad. I got some flak too, for applauding the team selection !

Thanks to injuries to RP Singh and Zaheer Khan we found a few gems like Ishant and Praveen. Thanks to the sacking of Dravid/Ganguly we found gems like Rohit Sharma !

Believe me, there are some more gems in this same team, who were not brought out ...to show the world their dazzle. Time will come soon for them too.

Sachin - Congratulations for the great knocks in the last two matches.

Lastly a word for the Aussies - I hope you are a bit light-headed now, thanks to the trashing by India. I hope you lost your head weight !

Ponting & Co. RIP !


Raju said...

Congratulations to Indian Cric Team for this terrific victory.. We can certainly go places from here.... iff the team remains level-headed.

PS: Your kavithai on Sachin definitely angered me, but I refrained bcos, as he has done umpteen number of times, he let his bat do the talking. Sachin is different from other players. One has to become his fan to truly observe his superior qualities. And I never get ashamed of declaring myself an ardent fan, bcos I have been closely observing his career ever since his debut.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Indian team and for you RIP

Narasimhan.G said...

Rightly said. Ponting & Co deserve a whack in the back for their arrogance.