Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ilayaraja - My God

Picture courtesy: Keerthi's Avyukta

I grew up listening to Ilayaraja's songs. In my opinion he revolutionized Tamil film music. He came with a bang via 'Annakkili' and there was no stopping ! Even today his songs stand apart..just for one reason - Sheer Melody.

I was watching some videos in Ganesh's Blog today and went speechless for a few minutes to see the talent in Kerala. Please watch and enjoy IR and these wonderful singers. Please don't miss the comments of the judges at the end of the videos.
A word about Keerthi. His creativity is amazing. This pencil sketch of IR (above) is a classic example of his creativity. I love his writing, his photography and his paintings / sketches. I consider myself lucky to have such a great person as my friend.

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