Monday, March 10, 2008

Curry leaves - No Stock in Bay Area

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Three vital ingredients in Indian Cuisine:

All of the above have very good medicinal properties which are well documented.

Now, all of a sudden there is a shortage of Curry Leaves in the Bay Area. I am not sure why. I didn't read anything about it.

All I hear in the Indian stores is

'Sorry , Out of Stock'

Does anyone know what is going on ?


Anonymous said...

Over two decades ago, customers at the Indian grocery stores around the Bay Area fretted over the capricious nature of ethnic must-haves. “You want curry leaves, madam? Sorry, it’s now banned.” (The ban would lift a few hours later, as soon as the food inspector was nowhere in the vicinity.)

Barani said...

Anonymous said...

guess Sachin is responsible for this too...he shld quit playing cricket and leave way for youngsters. correct Mr anti Sachin ?

- Narayanan

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous - You brains are in your mother's ass...pull it out fix it and then talk. BTW - Please check if your Mom/Dad have brains too.!

Meera Manohar said...

They said the production in the local places have some problems now. I sure hope it is available soon.

Thanks for the comment on my blog NV. Infact, I think you suggested I sing 'Kanda naal' when you commented on one of my earlier posts! Well-- better late than never to fufill a request I suppose ;-)

arvindh said...

I am told that marijuana is smuggled into the country with curry leaves and hence a ban on our key ingredient. Anyway this is the story the India store owner in Cleveland sticks to!