Thursday, January 10, 2008


Congratulations Mr.Ratan Tata for your TATA-NANO.

You've set a new trend.


donthecat said...

maams, tucker dhaan.. aana I'm very scared about one thing...

With the current state the roads and the traffic are in, it would be a major fuk-up when at least 100000 ppl buy this car when its launched.

And there will be more players in the Under-1 category soon. can you imagine the scene in T'Nagar or Mount Road? :-)

Anyways its a great move. Hail Tata

Madras Maverick said...

Great achievement. But I am really concerned about the infrastructure to support huge volumes of this car on road. Cycle gapla endha caara niruthidalaam pola irukku.

Anonymous said...

the very page that had this photo said "he arrived with his head almost close to the roof"..

it also said, there is no ac, no radio etc.

I am not worried about price, but I am more worried about safety - for that reason, I hate the maruti 800 to this day.

My theories - 1) he wants to upsell to customers. What better way to do it, than to start them to shed their bikes first

2) with the land rover/jaguar acquisition pending, he did not want to portray a sense of "I am for upscale customers only"...what better way than to put out a "poor mans car"..

I would be interested to know the price of the same car when they export it after passing all export norms and specifications. I bet you it wont be 1 lakh then.