Saturday, February 02, 2008

Only in Tamil Nadu

Photo courtesy: India Glitz

Where else would these things happen in India ?

Only in Tamil Nadu, where it is ok for heroines to dance semi-nude in movies where their grandfather in the name of Hero explores her beauty !

India is considered the Biggest Democracy on Earth ( someone once told me we are so big that if we all go to Pakistan and piss, Pakistan will drown ) where people don't even have the freedom of expression !

So what if Namitha / Shreya or anyone wears what they want to wear in public. If someone doesn't want to see them , let them close their eyes ! Did the voters elect these politicians to argue about these silly things in the assembly ?

Why don't these politicians and the public who support all this drama protest when the same women act semi-nude in movies? A lot of movies with U certificate has these same women dressed the same ways ? Does any politician or public care ! Why now?

I am ashamed that the elected officials waste their time on 'Moral Policing' rather than doing something constructive for the people !


orijinal anony said...

whatever the MLAs do, they should not take action against cinesouth gallery. I will be happy :-)

Anjali said...

Interesting view...
All of us know that most politicians in India have nothing better to do.
'Grandfather in the name of hero' -----lol.

Jo said...

Yeah, the saddest thing is that politicians took their time to discuss on such a stupid issue! What a pity.

Anonymous said...

this is wrong thinking.....I even wrote about this once....

AG Gardiner said: In order that the liberties of all may be preserved, the liberties of certain individuals have to be curtailed.

Democracy does not bestow any rights. You can have freedom of speech/expression, but only to the extent that is allowed under law.

Whether some hero messes around with a scantily clad girl is not the question here. Whether the 85 year old ruling TN is okay or not is also not the question here. Its a question of civic responsibility.