Monday, December 31, 2007

Sahib Indian Restaurant - Murder

Ravinder and Paramjit

( Mercury News )

I've not slept well the last few days after hearing/reading about the shootings at the Sahib Indian Restaurant in Richmond California that left two brothers, Ravinder and Paramjit kalsi dead.

Sahib was one of the restaurants I used to go to for lunch the last few years while I was working at Richmond.

I've always known Ravinder and Paramjit as hard working brothers living their American dream. They were always very kind and smiling.

I remember, during my last visit to India they had requested me to bring some memento from Chennai !

God bless their souls!


Jo said...

That must have been really shocking to you...

expertdabbler said...

The iron triangle area that you were really worried about?
Feel really sorry for them and their family!

Anonymous said...

I hope justice is done, and I hope they find the people that did this. This country is not safe anymore!!!!

Vineet said...

I stayed in Richmond for over 2 years as a part of the project being carried out there. We would often be working till late in the night and mostly used to order Indian food from Sahib Indian Restaurant.

Both the brothers who owned the restaurant were very nice and hardworking people. They were always happy to serve us and were able to accomodate our demands on customised item preparation.

They would mostly deliver at our office right on expected time. We also had arranged for few birthday parties and get-togethers at Sahib Indian Restaurant.

Both brothers were extremely nice, smiling and hospitable. They would help us in decoration and would do everything possible to make every guest happy.

It was not just the food that was good but it was always a complete package and total satisfaction.

Yesterday, I came to know that the younger brother was engaged in India only last month and was to get married soon. Now there is no one to take care of that restaurant and in all probability, the property will now remain under police custody.

I just wish that the family members of the two brothers should be provided with an opportunity to come and settle down in USA and run the restaurant again.

Alternatively, the property should be sold at market price and money be sent to the parents and family members of the two brothers.

Megan said...

I am very saddended by these senseless and outrageous acts of violence.
The brothers were always professional, funny, hospitable,kind and thier presence was an asset to the community.
They will be very missed.
Gob Bless them and their loved ones.


Kimberly said...

I only ate at the Sahib restaurant once, but was charmed by the great food and lovely service. This is a senseless tragedy.

Peace and healing to all those touched by the two brothers and their dream.

Anonymous said...

I am not much into Indian food, but found this place about 2 years ago. Since then, my husband and I have dined at this restaurant and had always been satisfied. The food is delicious, the place clean and close to our house. Most especially, both brothers are always very friendly and truly epitomized the hard-working men that they were who really enjoyed what they did. When my husband told me about their murders, my heart was broken over the senselessness of it all. I pass by the restaurant everyday on my way to BART and I am still angry about these murders. I have had sleepless nights thinking about these men and follow the news closely to see if anyone had been caught for this crime. This was a awful double murder for two good and decent men.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the photos of the two brothers, Ravi & Param. Their violent murder was merely a blip in the news, but to those of us who ate there and were always welcomed by their genuine hospitality and warmth, it really hits you hard in the heart. How much could those bastards have made from killing these two men...a few hundred dollars??? The whole thing has me sick, and reminds me of the senseless slaying of the owner of the little burger place, The Red Onion, just a few blocks away about a year ago. Those scum who killed got about $300 from the cash register...for what???? My heart goes out to Ravi and Param's family, the family of the Red Onion, and all the other hardworking people struggling to run their own businesses for our communities. I was away for the holidays when this happened, and now just learned about it through posted $20,000 reward posters. I hope someone comes won't bring the men back, but at least it'll give these families some sort of closure. I live in El Cerrito and there seems to be more gun violence on San Pablo Avenue at the cost of innocent lives and ruined families. This whole thing makes me sick.