Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday shame

Photo courtesy: DINAMALAR
An open man-hole.
These are common in the City of Chennai. I think the Government feels that it is the responsibility of all citizens to make sure they don't step into man-holes.
One of my friends' sister fell into a man-hole and died a few years back during the monsoons. Her body was recovered a few days later in the Bay of Bengal, near Marina Beach.
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DontheCat said...

inna maams, full attack moodle keeray...

This is what happens to your city when the CM is older than your grand-dad...

How come I dont c u online on YM ?

Balaji S Rajan said...

Challenge! Can you spot such man holes in a street where a local minister lives? Probably this street may not have such a "POWERFUL" resident.

Anonymous said...

This scares the hell out of me. That too in a city where there are many pedestrians.


Ra said...

So true, there is hardly any consideration or value for life. So sad to read this. Truth is bitter and it hurts.

Sundar Narayanan said...

what about the two holes on either side of the man hole..

do we call them kid-holes or one on the right is the woman hole and the one on the left is the kid hole..

are the holes related... I mean connected ?

sorry NV Sir, the whole thing seems wide open enough to swallow a bunch of people. Went to Nanganallur to visit relatives and every street has a gutter that is 3 feet wide running outside the houses.. it was amazing that people got used to it.

still impressed with your steady stream of pictures..

Me Myself & Musical Poetry said...

Man Hole : "Manithan Seitha Uyir Vizhungum Black Hole".
The worst part is
1. People get away with this.
2. Next time you visit the same place, you will see the same Man Hole in an open state.

This is Swamy and I hope you are doing great. I came to know about you from Harish Sivaramakrishnan. I'm new to blogging
Lokking forward for your feedback.

don said...

This an good picture

sirpy said...

This is seriously sad.. But what to do.? At max we can only complain.. but this has been happening for ages.. Actually we are stagnant..

PS: your location states you are in Fairfield, US. How come u get pics like these...?