Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday shame

Do you see an ambulance or a fire engine trying to putout the fire ?
What a shame!

ECR - East Coast Road.
The most dangerous road in and around Chennai.

People go crazy on this two lane road ( for most part ). Nobody bothers about how dangerous it could be during an accident. During my recent trip to Chennai, I had to go on this road once and I got really scared.

People in India can't drive without the headlights on HI-BEAM, even if they were to drive on a well-lit road. And nobody bothers about it.

Imagine a night drive on the ECR when everyone drives with the HI-BEAM on! What a nightmare.

If you meet with an accident on the ECR, God bless you. We all know about the pathetic emergency services in and around Chennai.

One of the better bloggers in Chennai once lamented about a situation where a person met with an accident right outside MALAR HOSPITALS and that he passed away because nobody came forward to take him to ER.

S H A M E !


Srikanth said...

Normally what happens is, if we try to call 101 (Fireservice) emergency number, they ask the area and tell us the nearest firestation phone number. Then we have to call that number. I learnt this from a mock fire drill. May be thats why it gets delayed it seems.

Also if it is near to any city then people themselves would rush and put out the fire.

Anyway, its a shame on the government as it has not taken any precaution in areas such as ECR which is becoming more accident prone.

Sumi said...

Jeez,when will our country ever understand the value of lives?How could the government officials take things for granted?Why is it we public just dont react?Two days back you had written about a father and a son who got killed in a road accident and today its this one.I read the driver was arrested.But why the driver alone?why not all those lazy corrupt officials who had taken no initiatives to finish the work, to put proper signboards,who had failed to monitor the speedlimits.I couldnt think about that mother and daughter who escaped just becos they opted to travel by bus and the relatives of these car accident victims.Its going to haunt them their entire lives.I just thought for a moment ''what if if I had to go thru something like this?will i just write a comment like this in a blog and just live my life or will I do really something worthwile to make a difference in our society?''I am still searching for an answer!

News from Prasanna said...

I just don't want to comment on this corrupted officials or government or the traffic polices.I think it doesn't create any impact on commenting them coz they won't change. Coming to the hi-beam, Hi-beam of the opposite vehicle makes the driver go blind for a second and also most of the roads are poor illumiated. In this situation a normal dim light makes the opposite coming vehicle in visible. GOK who can solve this issues. :(

Jeevan said...

This Hi-Beam is really a threaten for night driving; because of this we avoid the night travel. On ECR another disturbing thing is the prevention made by police, without any board or sign they keep wherever they like, it feel against riders esp. bikes have chance for accident.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I am 100% with you. You have written a post and I have not written after hearing about the news. Today it was someone. Tomorrow it could be one related to those who were part of it. As they showed in the "Indian" movie. As long as we have people, who do not want us to pass arm chair comments, and they do nothing as well, as long as we have those idiots who want to use hi-beams, and as long as we have those bunch of idiots who joke at NRI's wearing their seat belt when they drive cars in India, as along as we have those bunch of idiots who take their whole family in their two wheelers including the youngest one slipping on the lady's silk or nylon saree, as long as we have those romeos who imagine themselves as their silver screen superstars and ride their two wheelers, as long as we have corrupted officials who are good in counting their assets and dream of having their children or would be son-in-law to work in abroad, as long as we have Linguistic fanatic leaders for the outside world but feel proud about their grand children talking in a foreign language, and as long as we have those innocent illiterates casting their vote according to caste, creed and religion, everything will continue in poor India. People who read this comment may think that we are talking from sitting in armchair in abroad. They never knew that we were against these kind of acts, even when we were teenagers and when we lived in India. I think it is easier to keep praying to each one's ishta devathai to help such innocent people being killed. As I have said earlier, we are lucky to have survived and we feel the risk within 5 minutes we land in Trisulam. Especially when there is no proper U turn, and the ambassador taxi driver turns the TAXI heroically and turns the car in a hair pin bend and laughs at our caution. On reading or hearing about accidents, my belief in Super power becomes strong, since the chances of accidents for road users is becoming inevitable. There is some super power otherwise the figures should have been higher for the kind of traffic rules, bans, fines and restrictions that exist according to one's wallet.

Barani said...

Hi NV Sir,

Paarthaale . Vayatha kalakkuthu

Naren's said...

And as long as we have real IDIOTS who will call any one idiots easily the whole wrold will survive......

Jo said...

The hi-beam headlights is something common here in Kerala too. Most people don't care a thing about others in the road and it ends up in accidents.