Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Banned or not?

I thought some words were banned long ago !
Surprised to see this Matrimony Ad. in
'The Hindu' yesterday.
Why am I reading Matrimony ads? No idea..but they are more interesting than the news these days IMHO !
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Ghost Particle said...

maybe the word is Un-tabooed now.

Mahesh R said...

Some 6-7 years back, there was this advert in 'The Hindu' matrimonials. The dude was some IIT plus MS/Phd from the US.

He wanted a girl who was not only good looking but also meeting his standards.

As far as I can remember, these were the standards.

a) Both parents should be well educated professionals.
b) Girl should have completed BE/BTech from a top college.
c) Should have got top marks throughout high school/college.
d) Preferable MS (US) or MBA from IIM.

Used to wonder whether he just copied and pasted from a job advert posted by Infosys.


Sundar Narayanan said...

maybe the dude was also looking for someone whose first name started with a certain alphabet and last name started with another alphabet..


that was really funny!

Vinesh said...

matrimonials have always been funnier than every the comic section in newspapers..

this is kinda shocking, though

Murali said...

NV sir,

"why are you looking at matrimonials ?"..

..nu unga wife kEkka chonnaanga :)