Monday, June 18, 2007


Chandramukhi was a copy of the famous Malayalam movie
'Manichithra thazhu'.

Nobody even mentioned a single word of thanks (forget financial compensation)to the guy who came up with that wonderful story.

In fact a lot of people defended P.Vasu (Director of Chandramukhi) and said that it was his original creation.

Day light robbery !!

Yet, these same hypocrites voice against Piracy. Hello...Hello...First clean your backs please before you preach.

Disclaimer - I don't encourage piracy


vishy said...

Is this true. I thought there were some issues about this before chandramukhi released. I though they bought the rights.

Vasu ofcourse claimed that the story was totally changed (which I do not believe).

Its rather unfortunate that some of these guys have no chance to fight against the big rollers. I strongly believe that even Kamal Hassan would hav stolen the story for Dasavatharam from the guy who initially showed him the script. Then changed it a bit and claimed it as his own story.

You approach some big stars with high hopes and all the do is steal your idea and then make some changes to it and claim it as thier own.

Anonymous said...

We believe they paid for the remake rights.

- Korangu Kumar & Maanja Mani

narayanan said...

Word of thanks huh ? If you have seen that in any remake, please let me know. All the film-makers would be bothered about is the financial compensation you said to ignore, after all thats why they made the original at the first place and the commercial success triggered a thought of a remake.

In Chandramukhi's case almost everyone knew (through news sources, friends) it was a remake of Manichitrathazhu. Infact many people i met knew about and saw Manichitrathazhu only after Chandramukhi came under the spotlight.

I doubt how many sources said Thankar Bachan remade Chidambarathil oru Appasamy from the National Award winning Chinthavisthyaya Shyamala.

Anonymous said...


They paid for the movie rights to Fazil (the director of the Malayalam picture) and infact just before the release of the tamil movie, he kicked up a row stating that he was not paid for the Telugu version also. So while I think Vasu should not make these claims, it is not piracy at all.

ranganathan said...

thalai, u r partly right.
they have not paid anything to the writer.

as said by anon, fazil made a huge cry when the climax dance shoot was remade in Thamizh and got away with hefty sum.

vasu paid considerable amount to fazil and remade according to vishnuvardhan (apthamitra, kannada) and rajni (chandramukhi, tamil).

Ravi said...

Very true NV Sir, Infact even when watching the 100th day function on Sun TV last year, I felt the same. Maybe there were extra fittings in "Chandramukhi" but the story and even certain scenes were same and one need not be a detective to find that out. The similarities were quite obvious. But I fail to understand why P.Vasu and others keep maintaining that the story is not similar to Manichitrathaazhu!!

Joshua said...

What bothers you if the TN government waives taxes? Are you jealous of the success of Sivaji?
The title has to be in Tamil which is Sivaji. "The Boss" is a subtitle and that can be in English. First understand the rules and don't crib for unnecessary issues. It carries a picture that you can't digest its success.

Yes its true that Chandramuki is a remake and the whole world knows it. As already asked, which remake said "Thanks" to the original?

glass said...

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