Sunday, April 08, 2007

You too Mr. Vidyasagar?

I was listening to some Malayalam songs today when I stumbled upon this interlude. Rang a bell..sounded exactly like the interlude in the 'Konja Neram' song from the Tamil film Chandramukhi!

I know that Mr.Vidyasagar was the Music Director for the Tamil film. I have a feeling it must be Mr.Vidyasagar in Malayalam too.

My question...Why did Vidyasagar use the same interlude? I thought that the Chandramukhi song was a totally new/fresh song !

Here are the interludes:

From the Malayalam song ( Don't know the Movie Name)

From the Tamil film Chandramukhi ( Konja Neram - Asha Bhonsle, Madhu Balakrishnan)


Narayanan said...

There are quite a lot. Karimizhi from Meesa Madhavan was used in Aasai Aasai in Dhool. Walking in Moonlight from Summer in Bethlehem was used in the SPB solo in Mozhi. These are ones I know, there might be more.


Adiya said...

rest of the songs other than rajini intro song i guess all are lift from kannada opthamithra movie.

b a l a j i said...

if u search a bit more... you can find that athindhom had been lifted from a malayalam folk song

aravind said...

I am surprised you are shocked at the discovery that Vidyasagar copies. I will be surprised if they are original. Most of his initial songs are copies from Punjabi music. He is no saint, like you seem to think.

Jo said...

As you guessed, both songs were composed by Vidyasagar. Malayalam song is "aaroraal" form the movie Pattaalam. He has done this for some other song as well.

In the case of ARR, he has re-used entire songs (not just interludes) from Hindi to Tamil and Tamil to Hindi.

Adiya said...

sorry not all.. only the kite song. .typo plz