Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mr. Narayana Murthy for President - No - No - No

The President of India ! The title might look very big on paper...but the truth is...( IMHO ) The President is a dummy in the Indian Government.

A few months back I saw this shameful act on TV. Several prominent politicians were caught napping when President Dr. Abdul Kalam was speaking.

I read this today and also heard the same on NDTV this morning. Dr. Kalam welcomed the idea of Narayana Murthy becoming the next President.

If you think about this for a second you'll notice why the politicians will love this idea.

Mr. Murthy has been very vocal about corruption and bad politics. He is one of the top people in the powerful IT sector which is the bread and butter of the Indian Economy.

Now, by making him the President it is easy to shut his mouth. Sounds like a great idea..doesn't it?

And that's the precise reason why I do not want Mr.Murthy to be the President of India. I'll be happy if somehow ( will never happen ) the top brass of Indian thinktanks come to power and Mr. Narayana Murthy becomes the Prime Minister.

I know I am dreaming here. But I hope and pray for that to happen !

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Senthilnath said...

Not necessarily all presidents will be dummy. Even EC's are dummy, but you remember how vocal was TN sheshan and how much difference he made in the Indian Election process.
Anyway i too don't buy the idea of Moorthy for President.

REFLEX said...

by seeing the recent controversies around NR Murthy, I think he is all set to enter politics. Yesterday there was some violence near infy campus

Ravi said...

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