Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mozhi - A Feast

Photo courtesy: Indiaglitz

I watched the latest tamil movie 'Mozhi' this evening with my family.

I have to confess that this is the best of all Tamil movies that I've seen in recent years . I am not a big fan of commercial cinema..I mean a Masala movie with Blood,flesh and stupid comedy.

Mozhi is a different animal altogether. A breathtaking movie. Very clean and crisp.

I applaud Prakash Raj for producing a superb movie. A daring move indeed amidst all these junk movies that come out these days.

Prithivi Raj - He is maturing as an actor and I am sure he'll reach new heights in Tamil Cinema.
Jyothika - IMHO, this is one of her best performances.
Prakash Raj - He is such a versatile actor, who can even crack you up with his humor.
Swarnamalya - Didn't know that she can act so Well.
Director Radha Mohan - Superb performance ( Not sure if its the first movie? )
Dialogues Viji - Wonderful, very crisp, nice comedy as well
Music - Vidyasagar, I need not mention about this album, it is already a great hit
I loved all the songs
Balram - What a voice, The Title song 'Kaatrin Oli' is so soothing.
Vairamuthu - Wonderful lyrics, all songs are superb.
Apartment Secretary and the Professor - Wonderful comedy Indeed !
Please don't miss this movie. Go with your family and enjoy !
Here is what India Glitz says:
On the whole, Mozhi transforms you into another world where there is just laughter and beauty everywhere. John Keats once said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." And Mozhi is joy!


Kary said...

I completely agree with you. Great movie!

Kaps said...

Radha Mohan has already done azhagiya Theeye and Ponniyin selvan

Chakra Sampath said...

Good to know that the movie is nice. Seems that you get to watch the recent Tam movies almost immediately.

Another thing worth mentioning abt Prakash Raj is the way he produces the movies. Apart from investing the money on the same profession, the storyline of the movies he produces are different, mild and versatile. Ex - Azhagiya Theeye, Kanda Naal Mudhal, Poi and now Mozhi.

Jeevan said...

Nice review friend. I am eager to watch this lovely film soon... I am felt in love with Vairamuthu's lyrics, esp the Katrin Mozhi. i too have English translation of this song in my blog.

Aboorva said...

Good to know that the movie is nice i am eager to watch this lovely film soon (b'coz ur review of analysing the each character was very nice

Vijay Krishna said...

Mozhi is just so beautiful. It is a landmark in Tamil cinema. Let's hope Duet Movies comes out with more such movies.

mitr_bayarea said...

Narayanan Sir-

Nice positive feedback on Mozhi, planning to watch it on big screen this weekend.

Anand Prabhu said...

wonderfull... waiting to see the movie... the album is rocking.. i just love the title song... NV sir...

Balaji said...

saturday pathingala? @ IMC6? which show?

Anonymous said...

wanted to watch the movie,will soon go and see.
did u know we have lunar eclipse on saturday march 3rd.
why don't u write an article abt it

Aarthi said...

Thanks for the Review..looks like a must watch, I love tamil movies but good ones are so hard to come by. Coupled with the fact that I am lving in US, it is hard to me to know about good tamil films. Thanks a bunch.

harish said...

You must watch Paruthi veeran
I guess , with movies like Mozhi and paruthiveeran, good time has started
for Kollywood fans.

Surya said...

RM is a friend of mine, stays in the same street. Know him since childhood, infact also played in a small role in one of his dramas we played in our neighbourhood long time back, he is also an excellant Dancer. I guess its been a struggle for him. He was also an Asst. Director for Ponmani(Karthik,Soundarya). He also did Smile Please (I think it was renamed Ananthanarayanan), Prakash Raj was the lead, it never saw the light of the day.

Shreekanth said...

yes Sir, The movie is real good. As mentioned Balram has done great performance in the song

Ananth said...

WOW what a movie, I was moved by the way Jo acted in the movie, esp in the scene where she feels the music in her hands, her eyes were rolling.

Has the film taught us sign language? I must confess yes,When I saw the movie in Abirami theatre, the last scene when Jo says I love you in sign language the whole audience in the theatre understood it well and echoed the line. Jo's acting was so very powerful.

The songs are amazing, Balram has another feather in his cap. I cannot stop hearing the song, almost hearing it atleast 10 times a day. Wonderful lyrics by Vairamuthu, and a wonderful background score by Vidhyasagar.

Comedy seems to be spontanious, prakashraj doubling up as a comedian with brahmanandam and MS bhaskar wonderful. Prithivi has proved yet another time that he good actor. His comedy is very good too, esp in the scene when the dog chases him the way he runs itself brings us laughter.

A big applause for Prakashraj, we wish you do more films like this and your previous ones.

on the whole the movie is worth the money and can be watched by the entire family. I will not be surprised if Jo gets an award or two for this movie (she sure deserves a national award for her role).

Another Venture by Radhamohan. THUMBS UP TEAM prakashraj....


can you please send me the english translation of the tamil song
KAATRIN MOZHI...ilove this song..