Monday, February 19, 2007

Honda Civic - GX ( CNG Car)

I commute over 70 miles every day to work. Pretty soon it is going to go up to 135 miles. To save some time and money I thought I would buy a Honda Civic GX which runs on CNG ( Compressed Natural Gas).

This car has 113HP and consumes around 1 gallon of CNG per 35 Miles. The car costs around 25,000$. CNG costs are currently around 1.50$ per gallon vs. petrol which costs around 2.75$ per gallon.

If I buy this car, the US Govt will give me 4000 Dollars back as Tax credit.

When I went to the dealership in the city next to me ( Vacaville, 7 miles North ), they told me that if I lived or worked in Vacaville I would get a 7000 dollar rebate (offered by the City of Vacaville). I fet sad I that I wasn't eligible since I lived in the neighboring town, Fairfield.

Imagine this: 25K Cost - 4K Tax rebate - 7K Rebate = 14K which is a wonderful deal on this car. Add to this the luxury of 'NO TOLLS' which is 4$ per bridge ( I will cross two Bridges). Add to this the luxury of driving on Car Pool Lanes which will cut my commute time by atleast half !

Also, as a Good citizen I can save the earth from GreenHouse gas, I can reduce the consumption of Gasoline.

I have written to the Mayor of the City of Fairfield and also the city council to help us, residents of Fairfield.

Let's see what happens.
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Chakra Sampath said...

Even here in UK, they offer some tax rebates for switching away from Petrol. Since I have always considered new cars as the one beyond my reach, I have never bothered to check the tax thingy. Should check it out at least for GK purposes.

Happy Driving on your new car!

Adaengappa !! said...

Interesting..but i can't locate as many CNG filling stations around !:-(

Have you considered any of the hybrid models ? Prius camry /civic /accord vesions ?
..Btw, namma yaris 10 gallons-380 miles tharuthu :-)

Jeevan said...

Here the petrol and diesel cars are increasing every day and release more pollution, think this tax rebates will help people to buy cars using LPG and low carbon releasing cars.

Jo said...

That sounds really kewl!!!

vishy said...

hmm.. wov.. I have never heard about that 7000$ rebate ... who offers it ?? the Dealership?? Is it an instant rebate?? So toll free na do you have to apply some special magnetic sticker.. or does it just come with the car?? Finally travelling 135 miles every day.. and getting bk.. i.e 270 miles a day.. roughly 4 hrs even if you drive at 70 all the way through... I would rather move close to work even if its 135 too and fro.. neenga en andha option consider pannala??

Btw adengappa.. I think the tax cut is only on totally green cars and not on hybrids that still use gasoline as a fuel..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for all your comments

Vishy -- The city of Vacaville offers it for the residents of Dixon, Vacaville and Rio Vista.

Clean Air cars ( not hybrid) can also go Toll Free during business hours.

Work will be 65 miles one way.

Tax credit is 2100 for hybrids and 4000 for CNG cars.
Jo - Thankyou
Jeevan - Yeah, I wish more people convert their vehicles to CNG in India..I read that the autos are going to be like that in 1 year in Chennai
Adengappa - There are a few stations in the Bay area. And..that is the only car which would qualify for the commuter lane.! Other choice would be used Hybrids..which command a great premium.
Chakra - I am looking at it for driving in the Carpool lane. Also the prices of Petrol will cross 3dollars a gallon in the next week or so.!

tt_giant said...

Thats cool! Hope you get a nice deal.

But 113 HP? I hope there are not many up-hill roads on the way!

heath said...

that's great! i love natural gas, alternative energies,etc.