Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Karunanidhi's - Double Stand

This is what Mr.Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu said today about banning PEPSI and COKE.

Chennai, August 8: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi today told the state Assembly that if the Centre imposed a ban on Pepsi and Coke, his government would follow suit.

"The DMK government has always adhered to the policies of the Centre. In this case too, if the Centre implements a ban on Pepsi and Coca Cola, the Tamil Nadu government will follow suit," Karunanidhi said, replying to a question by C Gnanasekaran (Cong.

Isn't he the same person who threatened to pull out of the NDA (Thanks Chakra Sampath) UPA government on the Quota Issue a few months back ?

Why this double stand Mr.Karunanidhi ? Why not take your own decision and ban the colas? Why wait for the Center now ?

PS - To ban or not is another question, which is debatable.


Chakra Sampath said...

'Double standards' is a wrong word to use.. it is 'multiple standards' and v all know what to expect from MK..

btw, That is UPA govt. and not NDA.

TJ said...

Tamizhaga arasiyal, in your style, is Kazhutharuppu arasiyal. good that we stay away.

Matty said...
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Matty said...

ithellaam Arasiyalla sagajam-mappa!!! - Goundar dialogue :)

Ram Viswanathan said...

welcome to TN politics..

Balaji S Rajan said...

We will do what we say and say what we do. Whether single stand or double stand, we are taking a stand... one day we may take bus stand. TN politics really sucks.

Anonymous said...

welcome to politics... here double standards are the name of the game. everyone from Bush to Manmohan Singh to MK to Jayalalitha have more than once gone back on their words. Please do not single out MK for treatment because he is just another brick in the wall.

Anonymous said...

Also, if MK is to listen to everything Mr. Singh has to say, then why do we need a chief minister.

Ram said...

"அடைந்தால் திராவிட நாடு
இல்லையேல் சுடு காடு"

என்று இந்தியாவை கூறுபோட முயன்றவர்களா, மத்திய அரசின் பேச்சை கேட்பவர்கள்?

ஏமாற்றுகிறார் கருணா நிதி...ஏமாற தமிழர்கள் தயாராக இருக்கிறார்கள்..!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Chakra - Thanks for the UPA correction. Yeah, I agree with you
TJ - Nenju porukkuthillaye.
Matty - Gounder..Gounder dhaan.
Ram Vish - Hmm.
Balaji - LOL :-)
Ram - I hope our people realize all this nonsense!

Anon - Yeah, I am not singling out MK here. Your thoughts are right..I agree 100%

Jo said...

Yeah, his statement sounds real funny! :-)