Monday, August 07, 2006

The Class of 1981 Reunion - MCC Tambaram, India

Feels like last year!! But it has been 25 years since I graduated from MCC Tambaram. I finished my Bachelors in Statistics in 1981 and then went on and did my Masters that I finished in 1983.

The Batch of 81 is having a reunion on August 13th and 14th, 2006 at Chennai, India. Too many memories. I wonder how all those friends whom I last saw in 1981 look like today. That includes a lot of girls as well. Too many thoughts to share.

Can I go? Will I go? Everything is going to depend on the INS-Parole clearance for which I have been waiting the last one year. If I get it, I'll fly out the same evening! Let's see!

My best friend Muralikrishnan aka DON has been a key player in organizing this reunion. Hats off to you Don Macchi.

Here is the Reunion Website


Ram Viswanathan said...


Time flies..

Good luck with your INS-parole thing.. hope to see you soon in Chennai

Balaji S Rajan said...


Good luck and hope you get your INS-parole and fly back to meet your friends. It should be a great one. It may bring happiness and sadness too. Happiness in meeting old friends. Sadness in missing few friends (especially Kishore).

Anand Prabhu said...

WOW.. this sound realy amazing... enakku rendu varusham aagiye friends ellam paakanum pola irukku... 25 years... my god.. super NV sir... Hope u go there definetly... Good luck with the clearance...

Ganesh said...

NV Sir, 25yrs a amazing, it will be worth attending the reunion, hope you get your clearance soon.

Shankari said...

keeping fingers crossed...u will get it..dont u worry

Prabu Karthik said...

seekiram vanga.
indeed Don was talking abt this sometime back when i met him last.
hope to see u here soon

V N said...

nice to see that some ties are never ever broken!

thetalkativeman said...

NV Saar,
Good luck to you for your trip!!

Statistics? Has the amazing Dr.Gift Siromoney ever taken your class?
Maybe you should write your recollections of the eccentric Mr.Boyd ;-) And MCC profs in general.

Met a gentlemen from Georgia 3 yrs ago who is around the 80-82 batches of MCC

Gladtomeetin said...

Cool.............After so many years!!!!

I remember my Uncle's Class reunion where i was also part of. It was really nice to see the happiness each one of them had in meeting each other. His batch mates were more than 50 and each one had to really take time to recollect who the other person is ;-))

Jus take sometime n plan to join

Adaengappa !! said...

That should be fun..
Goodluck with your AP !

Chakra Sampath said...

That should be really great!! Its the 10th year for us and saly we are not having any reunion party as we don't hav the right ppl to coordinate.

Jeevan said...

That's cool! we all will pray for to get the INS, All the Best:)

donthecat said...

Dude... You better be there. We have deepened the gutters up for ya, we have re-built Vadamalai pattai kadai and we are gonna party

Machie, Vandhu seru da

Shriram said...


Great to know that u did ur Bsc in Statistics from MCC Tambaram. So I guess u did ur Masters in the same subject. I finished my Bsc and my Msc in Statistics from Loyola College and am now in the USA pursuing my PhD in Biostatistics.
Infact I applied and even got a seat for pursuing my Msc at MCC. I hope u would be knowing Dr. Bhagawan Das. Do u by any chance know Dr. K.J. Raman and Dr. Chandrasekar.P. who are all now profs at Loyola?

By the way I got to listen to Blogswara, All of u have done an AMAZING job and oh yes, I did get to read SUJATHA's (writer) article on Ram Viswanathan's blog. Great Start.

Congrats and All the best on ur 2nd version.

Thanks and Regards

Jo said...

All the very best to the re-union. Hope you can make it to be here. :-)

Raman said...

Did you finally get to join the reunion?

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