Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I need your help with COGNOS

I've been assigned a project to build a Data Mart for my company using COGNOS. I'll be doing everything from scratch.

Though I know the techniques I am new to COGNOS.

If you or any of your friends have experience in COGNOS can you please contact me ASAP.
I'll appreciate your help.

My email id - specialdosa at gmail dot com

Thank you


Ghost Particle said...

sorry for the comment at the wrong post sar, but the raagamaliga video was excellent. Thats the only show I watch on the satelite channels. Great great talents.

Anonymous said...

Shankari said...

enga sir yen blog pakkam alle kanom

indianangel said...

N.Venkittu (how do i call u??) idhu summa edhavadhu joke'a illa nejamave kekkareengala. I've worked in Cognos (not reportnet), and can help in answering few of your questions!

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Krish said...

COGNOS... wikipedia help meee :)