Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Question to the TN Government

My question to the TamilNadu Government:
What is the qualification and training required to become a MLA ? Minister?
If there are any, are they being enforced?
If there aren't any, How about writing some rules?


Munimma said...

I read this too. I don't have a problem with this in general, but MK's agenda has always been to put down things related to the Hindu religion. Why should the govt. interfere? These politicians concentrate on naya paisa issues and leave the really important ones to languish.

I completely agree that qualification and training should be a necessary condition for anyone (democracy) to govern, however big/small his/her area is.

Ganesh said...

Anna rombha kovama irukeenga pola
its known fact politicians use small usesless topics to divert attention from main things .

personally I welcome this move.

Jeevan said...

Friend have u ever understand what priests tell to god?

ella MLA vukkum test vacha yarum passaga mattanga.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ganesh, I am happy too no doubt about it..but..what about the Politicians..who don't know anything ..about Politics and Governing? How many of these MLA's ministers can call out the States in India..forget India..the districts in TN..forget that..their own district.? How many of these Public servants..truly serve the public.!

How many of these politicians truly care about the country...then.. whey care about the Temples?? and the priests.

Will the dare go into a church and do the same or a Mosque?

Shankari said...

I totally welcome the move. Most preachers dont follow their own preachings, the same goes with our politicians too.

Gladtomeetin said...

Very well questioned :-)) But i am sure, you wont get answer :-((

The Talkative Man said...

No thanks. I prefer cars and watches so I'll start my own cult like Sai Baba ;-)

Syam said...

Naaka pudungikara maathiri narukkunu 4 vaarthai keeteenga..aana namma politicians ithu ellam thirundiduvaangala enna?

mitr_bayarea said...

I am very outraged by this and so are several of my family members. Everbody knows that Karunanidhi is an athiest and has very less or no regard for religion, brahmins and temples. His aim is to make things difficult for those who believe in God and to pollute the cleanest of places.

ROBBIE said...

mitr bayarea:
I agree that Karunanidhi is an atheist and has less or no regard for religion but why do you think that this move will pollute the cleanest of places? Please explain!

In this day and age the politicians we elect are all illiterates. There is no minimum qualification. I do not mind an illiterate Bas**** ruling us but I do mind it when that fellow is corrupt and insensitive to major domestic issues. All the politicians ruling us or those that have ruled us have always enticed people with empty promises, nobody has really tried to improve anything, even if they did it would be a half baked effort. It is high time people took it upon themselves to move the state and the country forward. There is no need to depend on the government, literate educated people like us are the ones that should make the difference, instead we sit here and question intentions and policies. It is sad and its a shame.

Nallavan said...

narayan sir,
its so simple. the basic qualifications reqd. for a mla are;

a few cars,
a few gundas with them,
couple of criminal cases in a few police stations(If murder or attempt murder case is there, then its a special qualification),
abilitiy to hit a lot of political enemies.

ROBBIE said...

you have been tagged!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Shankari - I welcome it too, no doubt.
Talkative man - LOL :)
Gladtomeetin - Yeah.!
syam - yeah.!! enna seiyya?
Mitr - Not sure why you are so offended. That said, my question to the TN Govt. will you dare to this to churches/mosques? Aren't these issues applicable there as well
Robbie - So..can we go and start a party??
Nallavan - LOL :)..true too.!!!

mahen said...

I think the government is right in this aspect. Why shudnt a man with proper training be a priest? Should god be contacted only thru people who have threads around their collars? In churches any christian who undergoes a training can become a father or Nun. They have colleges (TTS for example) for training people irrespective of caste and sub-sects.
I believe that the govt has done the right thing.

Ram Viswanathan said...


In principle I see nothing wrong with MK's decision... Every change comes with some pain and this is no different..

You are right.. he might not touch anything to do with the other religions because 'it will offend their feelings'....

Anonymous said...

can't u think, u are feeling insecured,
i guess u cannot be blamed becoz
ur head is full of shit, no brains.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Anon - Thanks for your stinking comment. Atleast I have a head. I feel sorry for you.!

I had said that I welcome it.!! Did you read it or not?

TJ said...

This can be an inclusive decision, if implemented effectively.

Prasanna said...

Guess India is getting headed into a phase of orders and strikes. When the world is heading into better things, why is India into such a phase? And Narayanan, if we start asking for qualifications to become MLAs and ministers, guess our parliament would be half empty.This reminds me of Azim Premji's recent comments, against reservations. Bringing u one line in that speech "we should have reservation in Olympics. In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters"

rc said...

This move is welcome even by various mutts.

The real problem is when an government (atheist or not) gets to decide who is qualified. That is not acceptable and will not stand the test of law in the supreme court.

If the established mutts, adheenams, gurukuls can admit students of all communities to their classes and they can graduate from there to become archakas.

Nothing wrong with that, it is not even new. Ramanujam has done that in the past.

In my view the HR&CE department must be abolished once and for all. All memorial stones, pictures of political leaders, must be thrown out of places of worship. You just do not see them in Churches and Mosques.

ranganathan said...

NV sir,

ithuvaraikkum oyunkathaane iruntheenga?

ippe yen 'sakadai'le kaalai vekureenga?!!!!

M-Molla Maari, L-Loosu, A-Ayokyan(r)!!!

sarithaane thaleeva?!!!!

PS - NV sir, peru nalla keethu ille?!!!

mitr_bayarea said...

Robbie and Narayan Sir-

I am offended bcos the DMK govt. has already started its picking on the hindus, brahmins specifically. Most of the archakas/priests in temples go through a formal learning in a veda paatasala or in sanskrit college, etc. and learn the slokas, vedas, religious rites etc. through rigorous years of training. These people aren't from rich backgrounds or are into this for making money. Many of them come into priesthood/kurukal, since its a family tradition-where the grandfather, father etc would have been priests, They spend their time performing aarathi, pujas etc. for all sects of people who visit the temple.

I don't see a need for the DMK govt. to insist on this by issuing an order when these priests do have a formal training.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Narayanan sir - pesama neenga arasiyaluku vaanga..naan ungaluku vote poduren :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Arjuna-speaks - Arasiyal ..Hmm..Yosikkalahm..
Mitr - One good thing about this. Hopefully they'll become govt. servants and get a standard salary.
I know personally the archaka families that are suffering..Even worse..their kids can't get good education thanks to the reservation system..! Anyways..I am supporting this idea..but I also have this feeling about the anti-brahmin sentiments openly expressed by MK.
Ranganathan - Mail anuppinen netru? Etho personal endru sonneergaLae..!! NV Sir vendame..please..NV is ok.!!
RC - I agree..especially the last line.! Why this prejudice.
Prasanna - I wish people like Azim..get a chance to rule this country.! Honestly let them get a chance.! These politicians ( mostly) know nothing.!

Jo said...

Will the dare go into a church and do the same or a Mosque?

I don't know about the Muslim community, but in the Christian community, all Christians with the required training (Seminary training) and qualification (academic degrees) can be a priest.

I am not a Hindu, but I think this is a very good move, it can only help to eliminate the differences between the castes.

Surya said...

Brings to this in question, how Brahmin are Brahmins these days. Its not doubt that our actions/deeds are what makes one a Brahmin and not birth.
But because of this ruling we cannot allow every tom dick and harry to become a priest just because they have the training. I think the Eligility needs to be well defined. Proper initiation shud be done at a young age and strict adherance to shastras is needed. Though i am sure a few right now though brahmin priests do not qualify in anyway but just becaue by birth they are they continue. Thats what some other person here means for the term 'polluting'.

Oh Aethiest govt. that has no belief in God has no whatsoever authority to pass orders like this. Already there are temples with non brahmin priests. there was no necessity for the Govt. to have interfered in this manner.

MuKa Ozhiga.