Monday, April 03, 2006

Some Statistics

Facts: Courtesy Junior Vikatan

Population --------------------------> 5 crores
State Govt. Employees ----------------> 5 lakhs, 5 thousands

Andhra Pradesh
Population ---------------------------> 6 crores
State Govt. Employees -----------------> 5.5 lakhs

Tamil Nadu
Population ---------------------------->
6 crores
State Govt. Employees ------------------> 12 lakhs


Vinesh said...

Arasu Oozhiyar Munnetra Kazhagam-nnu katchi aarambichuda vendiyadhu dhaan :-)

thennavan said...
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thennavan said...

Can it be this way? "You can see that our government works for you by the number of people we have recruited whereas the other governments too get these grants from the Center like we get for augmenting staff, but those politicians spend it on themselves and thus keep those states chronically understaffed".

Just kidding :-).

Chez said...

Tamil Nadu is one of the most developed state in the country. Isn't it a feat given the facts of ur post?? :)

Jeevan said...

namba statela thaan naraiya parukku govt valai kadaichirukku, nalla munattram.

Kay said...

Enna Sir panrathu Ponnunga appalaam Govt maapilai thaan venumnu ketkuraangale :)

Ram.C said...

We can look into this from the both sides - positive as well as negative.

That, we have abundant support to the working class & the public from the Govt. and we have more unnecessary workforce to serve the same population.

Whatever it is, only if the public are happy with their services, the statistics of so many employees will be considered as a favourable fact.

Amrita said...

that was interesting population data, where did u get it from?

JaganLee said...

So our govt provides more job?? :)

tt_giant said...

We are truly blessed to get such a high people-to-government_workers ratio! ;-)

smiley said...

and they expect the govt to look after them only?