Wednesday, March 29, 2006

கனவு தேவதை

கனவு தேவதை - களவு போனதேன்
நினைவில் ஒரு முள்ளாய் - அவள்
என்னுள் வாழ்வதேன்

முதலில் பார்த்தது - மயங்கி தவித்தது
முதலில் அணைத்தது - பிரிய மறுத்தது

முதல் முத்தம் - அதன் வெப்பம்
கனவினில் நினைவினில்
என்றும் வாழும்

இறக்க போகிறேன் - உடல்
துறக்கப் போகிறேன்

பறக்கப் போகிறேன் - உன்னை
மறக்கப் போகிறேன்

பிறப்பேன் நான் - பூவாக
மணப்பேன் உன் கூந்தல் மீது


BlueByrd said...

Seems like a good poem sir !!!

Aana arathookathula indha font padicha thalai suthudhu sir, was a little hard to decipher the letters today may be its my sleepy head !! Kalaila thrimba vandhu padikaren ....Yawn !!

BTW i've updated my might wanna check it out sir....

Anand Prabhu said...

super kavidhai.... :) i really admire ur choice of words and imagination...kalakreega sir :) chance illa... a very cute romantic this one...

Freeyavedu said...


Need tips on how to post in Tamil .

Freeyavedu said...

unga levelku kavidhai ezhutha, innum anubavam illai. Unfortunately.. tch.. tch.

Aravind G said...

NV Sir:
Very nice.Please check your email. Thanks.

Jeevan said...

can u write this kavithai in Tanglish.

Jo said...

Its a beautiful poem (thanks to the Thanglish)!!! Looking forward to work on it. :-)

monu said...

its beautiful!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Monu - Thank you
Jo - This is not the one..I sent you.!! This is the 'Iniya naaLidhu' which I totally changed.!! to a sad one.!!
Jeevan - I'll try and post the audio..someone requested it..I am a little worried about my voice..but its ok ..!!
Freeyavedu - Your kavidhai yesterday was awesome.!!..and thanks for your thoughts

send me your id, I'll help you with tamil fonts etc.
AP - Thank you
BB - Thank you

Anand Prabhu said...

sir tamil font help me too :) i have sent u a mail....

BlueByrd said...

Wow Heartbreak lines....I can remember a Jim Reeves classic that goes like this "Ye am gonna change everything that holds a memory of you....oh Yeah am gonna start with the walls take the pictures of the walls and burn em, move the chairs around take the window curtains down and burn em...everythin i see reminds me u were here am gonna change everythin that holds a memory of you...See if you can find that album of Jim Reeves NV sir...idhey feel ulla paatu ....u will like it :) ESP for Jim's rich Baritone voice and the melody :)


Ghost Particle said...

nice writeup...very nice to read.

Raju said...

arumaiyana kavithai, thalaiva.. Kalakkal.

Gladtomeetin said...

Wow...Kalakkal piece !

Prabu Karthik said...

konutteenga sir!!
lovely piece:)

Jeevan said...

Hi, friend now i can read tamil blogs, nice kavithai.
i also tryed a kavithai :

Unmugam parthean, poo pootha unarvu
Poo pooththathu, punnakai vazinthathu

Unnai parthan eravil kanavu inethathu
Annal rusipatharkul paranthai pattampuchi pole

iniyaval said...

abaram! intha blog worldil nan niraiya kavingarkalai pakuren.. sandosam...

vishy said...

Nalla kavithai.. I like ur choice of words.. flashback aah nenaichu kavithai elutharathulayum oru sugam.. hmm

unga wife pathi ivalo kavithai eluthi iruppinga??? :))