Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Funny email ids

My first email id was a Yahoo Id that was really bland. I mean had my name with an underscore etc.

Then I thought I'd make my id more user friendly. I couldn't find anything that I liked other than specialdosa.

I see a lot of people smile when I tell them my Yahoo id - specialdosa.

When I got a Gmail invite I tried the same and got it.

So here I am, with specialdosa as my yahoo and gmail ids !

Do you have any funny email ids? I know my nephew has sadadosai.


Raju said...

wow.. mouth-watering ID's.. I will go for paperdosa or neidosa which are my favorites.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

narayanan sir - I shuld get podidosai then ;) - I just luv it :) - just imagine having a podi dosai, with pudina chutney, thakali chutney, white chutney and sambar! My GOD - I am damn hungry now!

ROBBIE said...

I will opt for scientific "masala" dosai:P

keerthi said...

i had uselessfellow@hotmail.com , takelifeasitcomes@hotmail.com (not using it now). i have paropakaram@gmail.com currently. :)

b a l a j i said...

Similarly i liked "cornetto" icecream and wanted to have it for my yahoo id. but some one had already taken it. Then i had to settle for "corneato".

gmail vandha appuram adhuvum dead aagi irukkum

Cogito said...

I will feel hungry everytime I sign in with such ID's !

Ram.C said...

I know a guy who had 'IAMBORED' EMAIL id sometime back.

visithra said...

ive seen really weird ones - but cant remember any now ;p

REFLEX said...

I can think of specialsada. but didn't come across some so funny as ur id :).

Me said...

one of my friend has an email thisisnotmyemail@---.com....i did not believe it till he logged in ...

Gangadhar said...

Well..I don't have any funny email id..But I like this idea..I'll try for one!

KARY said...

Good idea Narayan. Will surely try this out.

Katpadi Murali said...

Oru Nalla Idea Kodutherengha.Nadaimurai paditheda vendiadhudhan.

Krish said...

No I don't have any such ids...
Next time I'll try oniondosa :)

Jeevan said...

fun Id. you can create an Id on Massal dosa.:)

Ram Viswanathan said...

I used to be amused with your specialdosa yahoo id.. now you have it in gmail too...

I know a guy who has a email id that is kind of different from the usual ones.. nanu4fun..

But, as Visithra says, I have seen lot of different ones.. but can't remember any at this time..

Ramana Siddharth said...

i had an id thornhill@rediffmail.com and another 1 clamentine@germanmail.com..only later i found out that clamentine was a lady's name!!!

Jo said...

Ha ha ha...

VK said...

A friend of mine has the ID

But a blog on emails, especially in a place ravaged my spammers is not a good idea i think...all the email IDs quoted here are easy target...dont you think?

sathyus said...

please dont tell me...venkat who worked in Halliburton is ur nephew! the id immediately drew my attention!!he even mentioned that he has an uncle in cali.. wow..the world is one small place( we worked at HB together at one time!)

narayanan said...

I still have a funny blogger,yahoo and gmail ID ranganathanstreet :D. i think 'saapadu' is free. last time i checked 'pondybazaar' was free. today's kandupidippu 'aranganathansubway' is free :D (all these are for yahoo IDs). once used to roam as 'velai_illa_pattadhaari' in chatrooms. appuram inspire vittu poiduchu. donno whether the id's still active or not :(

adhu onnum illa ellam namma original name raasi dhaan venkitu sir :D

narayanan said...

its actually rather easy to get such funny IDs. its very hard to get with full first name. especially generic names.

Rags said...

One of My friends id is harebrain.
But I have never come across such mouth watering ids.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Raju - Did you check if those ids are available?? Why not..!!
Arjuna - wondeful, I love podidosais.
Robbie - LOL :)
Keerthi - Oops..watch out for spammers..Sorry didn' intend
doing this. You have some wonderful ids. I like uselessfelllow!
b a l a j i - Icecream piriyare.!! LOL :)
Cogito - How about biriyani@*.com
Ram - Umm..!! Good thinking...I like that id.!
Visithra - How about thudukkuponnu@*.com / Vaalponnu@*.com
Reflex - Special sada vah..!! LOL :) How about OnionRava
Me - Wondeful id.!! Nicely thought.
Gangadhar - Umm..I think you wont get any food ids.!! But why not..
Give it a shot.
Kary - Let me know please.!!
Katpadi Murali - Yes, Yes,, please do.!
Krish - I bet it is already taken.
Jeevan - Too Late, It might be gone.!
Ram - Nanu4fun! Good one.! I have a friend at work who has
Siddharth - nice ones but in Shakespeare style. LOL :)
JO - I am glad you enjoyed it.!
Vk - One plate vada..!! ROTFL :). I feel that as long as you don't
write the id as it is..and do like this specialdosa at yahoo dot com
you are fine...the worms can't catch it.!
Sathyus - The world is small..and yes Venkat is my dear Nephew.!
Ranganathan St - Correct dhan, but when I give the id to Desis its easy
for them.!! Maybe with westerners I should have something like pizzataco at yahoo dot
com or something like that.! I like your ranganathanstreet id.!! Way to go..!
Rags - harebrain is funny.!! Now you know where to write to when your mouth
waters. LOL :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

some one i know used to have mail ids like kargil, dras_batalik, palestine @yahoo.com... he wd use those ids for sending hate mails. ;)

i hav seen thayirsaadam, vadumaangai, thachimumm, idlivadaikaapi etc. :)

Mukunth said...

endha oorle irundhaalum oru dosai nyabagam illamma poguma??;)

cvraman said...

how is ihateu@xxx.com ;-)

Eclectic Blogger said...

specialdosa.. nalla id.. aana neenge eduthukitteengele!

Arn said...

hehe suckerz, i can make any email id I want, with any domain name I want. For ex:

and@many.more :DD

Anonymous said...

btw dosa in malay is sin.

Akhib Rehman said...

ummm...just saw this post, thought i'd share. 'I.am.a.martian.and.i.come.in.peace@gmail.com' is my gmail ID