Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Photo

Lord Munroe Statue - Chennai, India

For those of you who don't know, this is the famous Lord Munroe Statue at Chennai, India.

Sad, but true, the sculptor of this famous statue committed suicide.

Any idea why?

Look in the comments section.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Lord Munroe's legs are hanging loose in the air.!!

The sculptor was ashamed and story goes that he committed suicide.!

I am not 100% on this...but I like the statue.!! If anyone knows details please comment..and let us know.

Twin-Gemini said...

I have heard the same story too.

Kay said...

What ??? muttaal thanama iruke ithukellam yaravathu tharkulai pannipaaangala :)

Amrita said...

Hi Narayanan, thanks for leaving that hearty welcome on my blog. I am finally back, feeling elated. Thats an interesting question? I have seen this statue, lets see gotta find out more.

Me said...

Venkitu saar photo enga post enga one week mudin-gidi-chi...

PVS said...

I have also heard the story before. But was nice to recap

Anonymous said...

yup i think it is the saddle or whatever that is missing and i think some one pointed it out on the day of the inaugural and out of shame he hung he prided it to be the pinnacle of his craftsmenship...

Chakra said...

After all, its Munroe's leg that was hanging in the air and not the sculptor's? idhukkellam poi suicide pannikalaama?

Code la bug irukkunnu software engineer-ellam suicide pannikka arambichaa enna aagum... ;)

Murali said...

Eh appadiya.... if the legs were hanging....eduthu maatte vendiyathu thaane:(

Krish said...

Narayanan, enakku oru paattu nyaabagaththukku varudu:

Annan oru kovil endraal
Tangai oru deepa munroe :-)
Andru sonna veda munroe :-)
Adan peyar paasa munroe :-)

Twin-Gemini said...

Chakra, then in that case coders at Microsoft will have to perform Mass Suicide :-)

Unknown said...

LOL@Thennavan :))

Kuthirai maela utkaarntha kaal thonga dhaaney seyyum? Ozhunga sethukkinathukka sethu poitaar? Avar paartha enakku paavama irukku!

AF said...

Oh I didnot know this story, though I was born and brought up in chennai.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for all your comments.

J.R. Said it right. I heard that the sculptor was ashamed..when he realized he missed the STIRRUP in the wonderful statue.

People took pride in their work which forced them to take such decisions to even commit suicide.

I googled but couldn't find any info. about Lord Monroe, other than him being a Governor of Madras. Looks like he died of Cholera.

capriciously_me said...

there is another story like this...the architect of taj hotel in mumbai also committed not sure how true this story is...but apparently, the hotel front side was supposed to face the ocean...adha ulta-va kattitaanga itseems!!

PVS said...

capriciously_me, intha kathai romba superaa irukkae... ultava katra varaikkum atha yaarum kavanikalaiya?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

C. Me - I think you are kidding??
PVS - I think we should dig this out..I'll google it today.

Ravages/CC said...

Folks, while the legend does exist, Chancery, who sculpted this statue didn't commit suicide.

Plus, Lord Munro was fond of bareback riding and therefore needn't necessarily have to have the stirrups.


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