Sunday, February 05, 2012

SIRI, Plants etc.

Men and women talking to their phones, asking if it loves them,  asking for directions, asking  about weather, laughing, crying.  These would have been 'Ridiculous' thoughts a few decades back.  

Now,  all of the above is reality.  

Thanks to Apple's - SIRI, I see people around me asking all kinds of questions to their Iphones!  Men and women, have their Iphones near or on their beds !  Life has gone this far in 2012..God knows what's in store in the coming years!

Now, this report -  Plants can talk ! kidding, here is a c&p from THE HINDU

According to scientists at Britain's Exeter University, a cabbage was 'heard' warning its neighbours of trouble ahead after it had a leaf snipped with scissors..!

I think the next few decades ( if we pass the Mayan EOE later this year ) will certainly be 'Ridiculous'  even looking ahead from this point on !


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