Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why not Tendulkar?

Why only Laxman and Dravid?   Why not Tendulkar?  

Most of the websites I have been reading the last few days don't talk about Tendulkar's retirement. 

These are the Desi websites and newspapers. Most of the cricket celebs in India (as expected) are afraid to come out against Tendulkar !

The Aussie/world press is quite strong in saying that everyone should be out.

Indian cricket needs these three to go now, for cricket to prosper.  Enough is enough.  

Indian press and the experts of the game must have the guts to get these guys to retire.

Cement Srini & Co - It's crunch time !

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Anonymous said...

Tendulkar played well. Rahul Dravid probably had one bad series and people are calling to axe him. VVS is too old to even hold a bat. Of all the 3, VVS's time is up. Tendulkar will tour Australia again. :)