Saturday, January 21, 2012


Pic courtesy: WWW

After reading about it in a lot of magazines I decided to try the VIBRAM FiveFingers. Bought it from a local store a few weeks back and I am enjoying them !

Growing up in India in the 70's, shoes were a 'Rich Dad' item.  My dad couldn't afford to buy shoes for me for playing cricket.  So, it was all 'barefoot'.  Rain or shine, we played cricket barefoot.  We ran barefoot, we jumped barefoot !

The VIBRAM KSO shoes give me the same exact feel.  It's really light and I don't feel that I am wearing a shoe.  The comfort is also amazing.  With VIBRAM rubber soles, these shoes absorb shock quite well I must say.

Above all, whenever I use the VIBRAM KSO, my memories drift to the 70's !

Thank you VIBRAM !