Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sydney Test - Draw maybe?

I have a gut feeling this test match is going end in a draw. 

There are a few reasons why I came to this conclusion :
  • Quite a few players in the Indian team have a lot at stake here - about their future. 
  • The track is getting easier to play.
  • The seniors in the Indian team are masters of dead tracks.   
  • VVS has to do something here to retain his place in the team.  A definite big score !
  • ST - After everything that has been said and written about SCG and his outings here, I bet will hit a 100 today, if not more !  
  • Gambhir - that way he is batting, I feel that he is definitely going to stay there long !  Hats off to his positive cricket yesterday ( Good to see him smile finally).
  • Virat Kohli - Final call for this youngster ( I didn't like his Middle finger gesture though).  I am sure he will also do well in this track.
  • Dhoni -  He is in decent form and he is also a master of dead tracks.
  • Ashwin -  A recent 100 against WI gives me a feeling he might also get a big score, considering the track.
  • The Tail - We know it can wag big time in good batting tracks !     
It was pathetic to see the body language of the Indians when they couldn't get anything going yesterday with Clarke and Hussey.  No conversations, no patting the back, nothing !   That's a shame.

Congratulations Ponting, Clarke and Hussey for some wonderful cricket the last few days !

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