Friday, January 20, 2012

BCCI President's Joke !

Indian cricket has gone to dogs I must say.  The players talk nonsense, the selectors talk nonsense and now the BCCI President Mr.N.Srinivasan.

The president of BCCI Mr. N.Srinivasan has said:
This tells it all.  The guy is only capable of running a profitable cement company!  ( FYI - NS is the Managing Director of India Cements, which is a leading cement producer in India )

His comments on 'Some reason or other' is ridiculous !  He doesn't know the simple fact ..which is the only reason..why the Aussies got away -  Poor performance by the Indian players with the bat and ball along with poor selection of players !

Let's ask ourselves:  Is this the best team we have?  How did Mr.NS come to this conclusion.  Several wonderful players have been overlooked.  Ranji trophy performers have been sidelined.  The team has ageing arthritic players who still continue to hold their positions thanks to OLD GLORY !

So, Mr.NS -  How could this be the best team we have?  You must be kidding sir !
Mr.NS -  Focus on cement please and refrain from talking about cricket. Would be the best you can do for Indian cricket.

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