Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nilave Ennidam Nerungadhe !

If I were asked to pick one song that touches my heart every time I listen to it,  this song would be it.

'Nilave Ennidam' from the Tamil movie 'Ramu'.  Music by the legend MSV sung soulfully by non other than the great PB Srinivas

I remember watching this movie while I was in elementary school.  Not sure if the management expected it, but thanks to the storyline, the entire school came out crying ! 

Now to 'SOMAS', who has sung this  song in his blog.  I remember writing about him a few years back.  He has a wonderful voice and he is a wonderful singer.

While I was fixing my blog roll this morning, I happened to go to his blog. 

SOMAS has done a wonderful job.  Check it out !


Prem Abraham said...

What a composition !! This song has so much of scope, every one can have their own version and it still would sound wonderful. There are several versions out there on YouTube, but do check out the unplugged one from P Jayachandran. I use this site, for its nice open format.
go to
and type in "Nilave Ennidam" with "Most Viewed".


Vijayakrishnan said...

Where's the tamil version? The link plays the telugu version...