Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love my IPAD

I am glad I live in a world with great innovators like 'Steve Jobs'. In my opinion ( HO ),  Steve is the greatest of all innovators !

IPAD -  I've not been able to put it down the last few days !  I bought myself a 32GB Wi-Fi model on Monday at the local Best Buy store.  From the time I opened the box, until a few minutes back, I've been playing with this amazing device.

I love the beautiful LED back lit display, the nice apps.  ( It's only a start now for the apps. for IPAD ), the super fast processor to name a few.

Browsing the NET is a wonderful experience in the IPAD with the touch sensitive screen working wonders !  IBOOKS is one the best APPS I like.  Never felt this kind of experience reading books !  It's just too good!

The Apps. I like so far -  Among the free apps, I like NPR.  It's very creative.  Among the games, I love 'SCRABBLE'.

Photos -  I've never seen photos so brilliant and vivid !  It's a feast so browse photos on the IPAD !

Minuses so far  -  It's hard to hold it in one hand and type in another.  I'm down with forearm pain in both my hands ! maybe due to continuous use yesterday and this morning !  For emails etc.  one will definitely need a external keyboard.  I am planning to buy a Bluetooth wireless Keyboard ( 69$ - Apple ).

Thank you Steve Jobs and APPLE INC.  This is a least the start of one !


rasu said...

I have planned to buy. But singapore its not release yet.

Bragadish said...

Check out Notion Ink's Adam tablet PC when its out in July'2010. This is widely regarded as iPAD killer

And, 24-year old IIT kids are the brains behind this. Came out with rave reviews @ CES... I'm watching out for this and will get one as I'm a keep and this one will give me full power of Google's Android OS