Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maoists and Naxalites

The editorial in 'The Hindu' today made me think a lot. It was about the fight against Maoists.

Just like any other magazine or newspaper or website from India, I found this editorial 'Toothless'.

The writer had given a lot of statistics and concluded as below:

The central and State governments need to work together to draw up a map for building modern police infrastructure — or India's citizens will continue to pay a horrible price.

In my opinion the basic reason for a person to turn into a Maoist hasn't been addressed in this editorial and I feel it's very important to do it.

How are Naxilites and Maoists made ? Nobody is a born Naxalite /Maoist. For most part the same Government that fights them now are the ones that created them.

Today, in India, corruption rules. A common man is denied his rights thanks to corruption. Inflation, unaffordbility, lawlessness, poverty, denial of civil rights! Slowly but steadily these are some of the things that leads a law abiding citizen to become a naxalite or a Maoist.

I don't know why that is not being addressed? Why doesn't a newspaper like THE HINDU have the guts to write about this?

India can control the Maoists / Naxalites by throwing out Corruption and by making sure that the 'System' works. Making sure that 'Democracy' works.

Police won't help.


Jo said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

oops... i always thought the common man is the first one to bribe...take it after jumping a signal, knowing marks even before the results come out...there is this common man who thinks he can get away by paying money...the common man is the one who is guilty.No point in blaming anyone here... Loads to write but this "COMMON MAN" gets on my nerves...

karthik Rajamani said...

Very well said...