Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ajith drama

Finally the Chief Minister of TamilNadu called Ajith a 'Thumbai Poo', meaning flawless..hoping to stop the farts of blood sucking a**holes.

To me, incidents like this qualify TamilNadu 100% to 'Third State' status, thanks to corruption, lawlessness and narrow mindedness.

Ajith only echoed what was going on in the name of democracy. Celebrities are forced to show up for propaganda meetings ! In fact, I read somewhere that names will be called out during these meetings and absentees have to produce Medical certificates.

Well..they say in Tamil 'You'll be afraid only if you have your wallets full'.

I feel that most of the TamilNadu film industry today falls under this category. They are afraid. Because a lot of them have a lot to hide..and depend on corrupted government to protect them.

Remember the 'Prostitution' incident brought out by 'Dinamalar' a few months back and how the entire film world bashed 'Dinamalar' and arrested journalists?

Why not now? Comeon Kamalahasan, AR Rahman, AVM brothers, Shankar, actresses and the rest of you ...don't you have some flesh in your behinds to fight this? Don't you know what's going on? Are you ok with this ?

You won't, because, you are all cowards, who want to hide behind 'Government'.

Ajith - Hat's off to you. Rajini - Thanks for supporting Ajith. At least you had the guts.

Kamal and Co. - Suck up more and act big. We know you are cheats.


Ravi said...

Well said NV sir! Though a bit strong worded, I fully agree very word of it!

donthecat said...

yeah, wots the point of singing "Unnal Mudiyum thambi thambi" when you cant walk the talk