Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ruchika case

I've been reading about the Ruchika case the last few weeks in the Indian media. It disturbs me a lot that the largest democracy on earth (sic.) let's these things pass and wake up one fine condemn it and take action ( In this case after 19 years) !

Is Ruchika the first? Would she be the last? As I type this, who knows how many innocent girls/boys are being molested/raped ? How many Politicians / top officials / Cops/Common men and women are involved ? How do these criminals evade being caught ?

How many in India, can touch their heart and tell me they trust the Police when they go and complain about molestation ( or for that matter anything ) ? Or would they even attempt to do it? Do they believe the justice system ? Does it work?

If you are lucky to be a politician's relative/friend or a police officer's relative/friend you might see some justice. If not, there must be a Super Hero to take care of you. It's pathetic and scary.

Long live Democracy. Vande Mataram !