Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Piracy - Why now Sarath?

I find it amazing that a century old tradition called PIRACY...is suddenly becoming so big in Kodambakkam and in Tamilnadu.

Sarath Kumar and Radhika who produced the movie 'Jaggubhai' were in a meeting weeping and pleading to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu when their production hit the Internet before the release of the movie. ( I also heard that there are no takers in the NET for that movie..! )

They wanted the culprits nabbed. They wanted justice. The other artists joined together and created noise !

My Question :

Why now Sarath? This is been going on for ages. Piracy has existed in some form ,size or shape for a long long time. It bit you hard..maybe because you are vested too much into 'Jaggubhai'.

All you Kollywoods Kolis...how many of you opened up when 'Mudhalvan' was released in CABLE in some parts of Tamilnadu while the movie was just released?

How many of you came out when 'CHANDRA MUKHI' was blatantly stolen and remade in Kannada and Tamil without any credit to the original creator of 'MANICHITHRA THAZHU' in Malayalam.

Our muscians (old to new) copy western tunes. Due they pay any credit to the original creators ? Isn't that piracy ?

Every other Hollywood, Bollywood, TollyWood, Mollywood, Lungiwood movie is pirated and sold in the streets of Tamilnadu....Who cares ?

Why now Sarath ? Why now Radhika ? Why now Kollywood ?

PS - I author of this blog is not a Pirate.


Grey Vampire said...

Yes, Piracy is been going on for long and in forms of what not? My answer to why now?
Because the realisation that the movie was released(UNEDITED/AWESOME non-theater straight out of the box print) is a bit to take. Because even though movies are pirated the process is that they are shot in theaters , made in Taiwan then imported back. And it takes about two months for a good print to come.

(Mis)Chief Editor said...

Thalaiva! Thanks for opening the comments!!

Jaggubhai itself is a 'modified' version of a French movie!!

Ithu epdi irukku?!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

GV - Doesn't matter if it's a uncut version or a regular movie,song on anything for that matter. Piracy should be tackled.
Beyond Party lines ! Unbiased.

MCE - Oh my God..really..this is unbelievable? Any proof for that? Any Links?

Grey Vampire said...

Piracu should be tackled. Infact any form of corruption should be. But i am just justifying why Sarath reacted only to this. THIS is really shocking and it does affect his profits big time(which is obviously the only thing he is bothered about). lol.
Anyway, talking of the matter of piracy. I am sure you living in the US would want a society without piracy. But all of us common indians living in India talk about Mera Bharath Mahaan and talk as if we are all big patriots etc and claim we will become a super power.

1) We will become a super power ONLY if corruption stops

2) Do all of you who talk about patriotism blaaaah contribute to an uncorrupted society? Or ask yourself this question. HOW many of you WANT INDIA TO BE PERFECT? Are you not addicted to an india where you bribe Trafficmen? Arent you addicted to online movies and mp3s? Are you not addicted to copies of college books? Wouldnt you biuy blck tickets when offered? FIrst ask yourself whether you are ready for the change? THen talk about MAHAAAN! Dont be hipocrats! I am comfortable with this india and i know this way india can never even think of becoming a superpower(we will always be rich get richer poor get poore country). But yeah, i am confortable this way. And other country men and comfortable with less corruption.

Sorry for the big comment. Have always been wanting to say this :) !