Saturday, November 07, 2009

Third world diseases

The so called 'Third World' besides its poverty and other socio-economic issues has some diseases that the so called 'First World' doesn't have to worry about.

Mosquito borne diseases are an example. I have family members who have been affected by mosquito borne diseases. My dad had an attack of 'Filaria' and his leg is swollen ...for life, with no cure ! My brother recently had an attack of 'ChickunGunya' while in India on vacation.

The multinational drug companies are more concerned about finding cures for diseases that are common in places where they can make money. They will probably outsource the manufacturing of these drugs to the 'Third world' but will rarely attempt to invest money in 'Third World Diseases'.

The law makers of the 'Third World' would be more concerned about Switzerland ! The people in the meantime, will have to suck their thumb and wait for the planets to change positions.

The 'Third world' produces tons of scientists who move out and work for the Big Pharma ..while the local pharma companies are more interested in copying the popular medicines rather than invest in research. Bottom line is money again, easy money in this case.

It's a vicious cycle. Anyways, hopefully in the future, when the 'First World' becomes the 'Third World' and the 'Third' the 'First', things might change.

It might take another 100 years...who knows.

Until then, it's heartwarming to read stories like this.